Wednesday, June 19, 2013

O Canada

It seems like forever since we checked in on Holly's eclectic mix of Davey, Mini, and Gracie. The last time we heard from them they were trying to weather their first winter in Canada.  Well, they made it, but they sure were glad to see the sun again!  You can see the joy in Mini's face, below.


And Mini in particular has been sunbathing like it's her job!  

She also has been enjoying just plain old outside stuff dogs like to do, like finding something to roll in.

The change of season has brought changes for Davey.  On the downside, he is very itchy since his seasonal allergies have kicked in. On the other hand, he has discovered a love of water.

 He's very nervous and neurotic when he's in the water, looking in every direction to assess his safety. In fact, in this picture Holly shared you can see how big his eyes are, because he had just been frightened by his own tail.

  However, despite his skittishness, he loves the water and doesn't want to get out once he's in, unless the water gets deep enough that he would actually have to swim. BOL. 

Finally at the end of a long day, Davey completes his mantra of play hard, rest hard as he cuddles with his dad.

As for Gracie, well, she is aging gracefully. She too is happy to be outside in the sun showing off her nice hair cut.

She'll also lounge around the flowers with her sister, but if mom doesn't snap that picture quickly enough they both get prettyyyyyy bored.

Many thanks to Holly for bringing us up to date on her furkids. You may not believe me but I get attached to the dogs I share here. I love the idea of checking in with them, and all this week I've been writing and smiling, smiling and writing. We will definitely have to do something like this more often! 

Now, don't forget that a week from today we will resume our Oral Fixation Photo Share, so get your pictures in to me of your pets with something in their mouth. All pets are welcomed. Email me at

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