Monday, June 17, 2013

Stanley and Stellaaaaaaaa

Stanley and Stella

Yesterday we kicked off "Graduation Week" on the Rescue Dog Blog, as I told you about how Wiley ended his school year. Today we will begin sharing alumni, and I am pleased to kick off the week with this pair of absolutely adorable Chihuahuas, Stanley and Stella. Stella and Stanley. They have got to be the cutest nod to Tennessee Williams we've ever seen. 

Stella and Stanley

Stella came to live with Niki first, but it is Stanley's inspirational story we shared here on the blog. 

Stella is the boss in this pair, but that's fine with Stanley.


 He's pretty mellow and more than happy to let Stella throw her weight around. BOL!  


They play together, take walks together, and occasionally even cuddle. 

Stella and Stanley

They also like to sunbathe.

Niki decided to honor her pair by having a portrait painted of the two of them.  Stella is the Queen of Candyland and Stanley is her prince. 

Look how perfect it is!!! 


Niki says when she shared this with Lisa, the woman who rescued Stanley from death row, Lisa cried with joy to see Stanley so happy and so princely. 

How lucky Stanley has been, to find someone so devoted to his care and happiness. However, Niki says she and Stella are grateful every day for Stanley, and so we are reminded of the reciprocity of the rescue relationship(<----- How do you like that alliteration? I figured it's appropriate in a blog related to Williams, a gifted writer.) .

Many thanks to Niki for sharing new pictures and new details for our readers here on the blog. How refreshing it is to keep up with the happiness of our Rescue Dog Family!

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