Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wiley's Day Out

Previously I shared a post about how my Memorial Day Weekend went. It was certainly not what anyone has in mind when they picture a holiday weekend but in the end things turned out alright. At that time, however, I did share that my original post was going to be about how Wiley's weekend went, and that's what I intend to do now.

The plan was to take Wiley to my parents' house, which is 45 minutes away. This would be the longest car ride he had ever gone on with us, and car rides don't thrill him. If you're not a regular reader, we got Wiley when he was about two, and he was seriously unsocialized and had (has) really bad anxiety issues. In other words, everything and everyone new and unpredictable scares him. So he doesn't like the car because he doesn't know where we're going.

The next issue was a much greater one. He was going to go into a different house, which he has never done while we've had him, and there were going to be two little yipping dogs there.

Cujoe, the older male, is actually pretty mellow around other dogs. Gracie, the younger female, is a bit territorial.  The thing is, these two dogs love people.

 Moreover, they love my husband and me and go nuts when we visit.

 Cujoe is especially enthusiastic about me, insisting that I not just pet him upon arrival, but that I pick him up so he can lick my face off. 

 So you can see the issue here. We walked into my parents yard, with two yippie dogs trying to get at me, and Wiley was. . . terrified. Wait. Did you think I was going to say he was protective?  Nope. He was horrified and tried to hide behind a garbage can.

I tried to enlist someone's help but the issues were plentiful. Wiley wanted to leave. If he couldn't leave then he wanted me. Cujoe and Gracie wanted me. There wasn't much my husband could have done to help. So this is what I wound up with.  Look at my poor guy! Just sitting there with his head turned. 

He stood up and tried to hide his head under my leg but the white puffs of enthusiasm were trying to inch closer to him.

My hubbie came and took his leash so I could get down and mediate. I kept my hand on him all the time so he felt my presence and stayed calm. 


He really likes to have me touch him. I made Cujoe wait until Wiley calmed down a bit. I didn't want to push him with the body language he was showing. 

When the dust settled and the dogs abandoned him to go traipsing around their yard, he relaxed considerably. Eventually my parents put them inside for a bit, to give Wiley a break.  That's when my husband broke into a huge grin.


This is what he was pointing at.

As the day's events unfolded (and if you haven't read about those please do, it could help you save a life) we wound up having to take Wiley inside with the other dogs and kids and people in and out. We stayed for hours. He did so much more than I was originally asking of him, and although it wasn't hours of fun for him, or us, we all survived. I would take him again, even though this is what he did every time he got near the gate.

And this is the look he gave me every chance he got. 

So, now you're mostly caught up on the events of that weekend. I have a few pictures of how we rewarded Wiley for his good behavior, but I'm saving those for later. All that's left is for me to remind you to participate in our Photo Share. Get a picture of your pet with something in its mouth.  All the cool kids are doing it! Email me at

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