Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rachel's Gang, and I Do Mean Gang

Well, let's take a look at the Rescue Dog Blog yearbook today.  Which alumni are we sharing?  The famous Ray Pack. If you're on Instagram you should follow Rachel's furmily @theraypack.  These three dogs, Logan, Dio, and Mika, have been on in the past. In fact I promised a whole post dedicated just to pictures of the three of them together, and I will deliver. But today is just a quick catch-up with these pups to see what's new. 

According to Rachel, Mika has become quite the diva. And I think Diva is a nice way to put it. ;-) 

They've had to cut back on their visits to the dog park, because when they take her she looks for a dog she can pick on, and then Logan and Dio follow her. So basically they are a gang minus the violence. 


Ironically when Rachel first got Mika she was quite timid. That's why they got Logan, to have someone who would be submissive to Mika and help build Mika's confidence. Well. . . . it worked. BOL.  But seriously readers, look at Mika.

 She is stunning. Rachel says her coat gets extra red in the summer, and she's recently been groomed too so she is strutting her stuff. She's got it, and she flaunts it. Get it Girl!  

Logan is his usual self, enjoying summertime and being outdoors. Rachel told me Mika likes to smell her roses but here's Logan enjoying the flowers too. 

As for Dio, well, he is Dio. Up to his usual shenanigans and giving everyone a run for their money. Gosh I love Dio. LMTO (Laughing my Tail Off).

Ok, so now we are caught up a bit with the Ray Pack, but of course we always encourage alumni to keep on sharing, and Rachel has a foster story she's been wanting to share with us for awhile too. So keep all that good news and all those good pictures coming our way. You too readers! Email me at pabibliophile@gmail.com.

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