Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Every Day is Halloween

If you're a regular reader of the blog you know I have strong feelings of love toward summer and spring, and a deep-seated loathing for winter. I often ruin autumn by obsessing over the fact that winter is approaching and the days are getting so short. However, fall has three important things to recommend it, at least in Pennsylvania: football, changing leaves, and Halloween. 

To keep my fall spirits up and avoid thinking about winter I am going to post a new Halloween themed picture every single day for the rest of October, or at least I'm going to try. 

I will also share any and all fall, football, or Halloween pictures of your pets that you'd like me to, so if you have any worth sharing email them to me at, send them to me via Facebook at the Rescue Dog Blog's page, or tag me on Instagram or Twitter @rescuedogblog so I can be sure to share your pet(s) with the world!  We typically get a lot of traffic for Halloween costume pictures because let's face it. . . it's easily in the top five reasons to have a pet: to dress them in silly costumes and laugh at their expense. 

 All the above pictures are from last Halloween, and because there are many new readers since then I plan on sharing some more of those from time to time. But what sparked my desire to share a new picture every day is Wiley's interest in Halloween. How do I know he's interested? Because he greeted me at the door last week with these Halloween socks in his mouth. 

I haven't seen them since last Halloween and I have no idea where he got them, but he's obviously fully ready for the Halloween season, and what kind of a mom would I be to deprive him of that?

Ok, there's no excuse not to share your pictures with me. You've been given a task; go in peace.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014


Amy was just a kid when she saw her first greyhound.  At the baseball field near her home, someone would bring theirs to run free on the enclosed field.  Amy wanted to know more, but her mom wouldn't let her talk to strangers (fair enough).  So Amy enjoyed the dog from a distance, and vowed to someday adopt one of her own. 

Someday turned into one day in 2006. She was living far from her Pennsylvania friends and family in North Carolina. Gainfully employed and in her own house, she realized now would be the perfect time to look into greyhound adoption! 

A little research turned up the group Greyhound Crossroads, based in South Carolina. Amy drove to meet a representative and her three greyhounds, and it solidified her desire to adopt a greyhound for herself. 

She filled out the application and read "Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies" to help her get ready.  Once she was approved she began to check their website for available animals. 

I have mentioned this before on the blog, but one of the greatest things about adopting through a rescue is that they foster the animals first, which allows them to test each animal for things like suitability for cats, other dogs, and kids. They can also check for potty manners! 

 Anyway, fostering is especially important for greyhounds because for them, the process of living in a home at all is completely new. Mostly they are raised on farms and used to the track. They may have never even seen a small dog or child!

While on the site Amy saw a three year old male brindle whose description said something like "would do best in a home with no younger children," and Amy, not having any, decided to take a chance on Rush, racing name "Rushing on Home."  That was July of 2006.  

Rush was a great dog and Amy considered him *almost* perfect, except for one issue, separation anxiety. As Amy consulted the rescue organization, they suggested greyhounds are often most at ease with another greyhound in the house, since that is what they are used to. As Amy was pondering what to do, in September of 2006 the rescue asked her to foster a female who needed to be rehomed. 

Amy lived closest to where she was, so she agreed to foster her and bring her to an adoption event later in the month. 

This pretty girl's racing name was Pat C Tour, but she was better known as Bijou. With Bijou, Rush's separation anxiety improved greatly, and although Amy did wind up taking Bijou to the adoption event later in the month, she just couldn't part with her, and that's how she came to have two greyhounds. 

Finally, in 2007 Amy went to a Saint Patrick's Day parade in North Myrtle Beach to participate with the greyhound adoption group. She met Stardust Rambo(racing name), Rammy Boy, and she couldn't get him off her mind. What's three greyhounds when you already have two? 

Well for starters it meant finding a bigger car than her Dodge Neon!  She took all three with her while car-shopping, and came away with a Jeep Patriot for her new pack.

Now readers, I have things to tell you about Rush and Rammy, about Amy's life, and many pictures to share. But I have to digress for just a moment.  As you know, I like to deal with happy stories on the Rescue Dog Blog, so I'll give you a headsup here: the rest of today's story will feature a dog crossing the Rainbow Bridge. It's sad but bittersweet.  If you don't want to read on I understand. You can check back in for part two about Rush and Rammy, and you'll be glad you did. 

However, I want to honor Bijou's memory and all her mom has gone on to do for her, so I would be remiss if I didn't talk about her. Her story isn't one of pain or suffering, because Amy is a caring and strong person who prevented that. 

One day in May of 2013, she dropped Bijou off for a routine dental appointment. The blood work done before the cleaning showed kidney failure. Amy was caught off guard and devastated.  Bijou showed no symptoms.

 The vet encouraged Amy to switch to easier food to digest, monitor her blood monthly to watch for progression, and watch carefully for symptoms. 

In the meantime Amy spent as much time as possible bonding with Bijou, taking her on rides and making sure she knew she was loved. 

Amy got about 8 more months with Bijou before the symptoms became apparent, and she knew it was time to do the right thing for Bijou. 

They went on their last ride together, and as she waited with Bijou at the vet's she promised that when her broken heart was ready, she would foster more greyhounds to help as many find homes as possible. 

It took a few months, but in July she met her first foster, WW's Workman, better known as Nathan, and kept him for a month.

She took him to meet and greets and socialized him with her boys until he found his furever home in August. 

Her next foster was Maggie, racing name WW Managemepleaz, and she was with Amy and her pack for just a few weeks until she got adopted!

Can you imagine how pleased Bijou must be? Amy has kept Bijou's collar, which is worth sharing. BOL!

She also ordered this beautiful memory box for her, which one of the foster dogs is checking out here.

In addition, she added a purple star for Bijou to this greyhound tattoo she already had.

I have to imagine Bijou is having the greatest time on the other side of the bridge. All these dogs finding homes, all the ways she knows she is in Amy's heart. . . 

Amy, thank you so much for sharing Bijou's story. We know it wasn't easy, but what you are doing for her is inspiring and should be shared with all the dog lovers we have here on the blog. 

We'll share Rush and Rammy in their own spotlight, as they deserve, and let Bijou have her own star. 

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wiley, Meatball, and Isis

Let's catch up with Wiley a bit. He had a busy weekend since our nieces were visiting for a sleepover. Olivia and Sadie came on Friday so we could go explore the Lehigh Valley Zoo and the Crayola Factory Experience. 

A funny thing happened while we were at the zoo. Well, let me clarify something first. It's more of a nature preserve. They don't keep any animals who couldn't thrive in our climate and habitat, and many of their animals, especially their birds of prey, are ones who had to be rehabilitated due to an injury or abandonment and couldn't survive in the wild. Their goal is conservation. Anyway, I went into the Rainbow Lorikeet exhibit and uh. . .  this happened. 

Birds have always had a thing for me. When I was a teenager my best friend Carrie's family adopted some birds, Cockatiels I believe, George and Martha. Only one of them was friendly when allowed out of the cage. The other would just fly to a curtain rod and stare everyone down. Except me. I was terrified of both of them flying around, and it was like they knew. They sat on the edge of my cereal bowl. They sat on my shoulder and pulled at my earrings. They tried to eat my ice cream. And because I was the only one the anti-social bird would socialize with, every time I went to their house they'd say "Let's get George and Martha out! Let's see if they'll do it again!"

I'm not as afraid as I used to be, but this was still quite the experience.

Moving on, we got the chance to take Wiley for a few walks while the girls were here. 

 He enjoyed having everyone together although he did have to turn around quite a bit to keep tabs on Sadie and me. He is a herding dog after all.

I guess everyone liked it; just check out these big smiles on Sadie and Wiley.

Olivia and Wiley have always gotten along well, probably because she actually likes throwing his ball for him. Check him out in action. You can see him at his happiest.

After the walks and tossing the ball it was time to take the girls home.  During their stay they had been telling me about one of their new kittens, whom Olivia named Apollo but Sadie named Meatball. 

As you can see, he is part Gremlin.  His ear hair is tufted and seems as long as his whiskers.  His coat started out black and has become silver-tipped. You can see the strange way his tail is a different color on its underbelly. 

He loves to climb in the shower when people are in there, and he begs for cantaloupe. Yeah, he seems more like a Meatball than an Apollo. 

I also got the chance to visit with Isis. 

If my face looks red in the pictures, it's because she was literally licking it so hard it hurt. 

Isis was the first dog we featured here on the Rescue Dog Blog. She is a beautiful one-eyed pit bull, and she never met anyone she didn't love.She laid on my feet most of the time I was there, and every time I bent over to acknowledge her, the excitement meter started all over again. 

She is such a sweet happy girl.

All the visitors, walks, and games of fetch must have been too much for Wiley, because when I got home in the late afternoon from dropping the girls off, this is what I saw. BOL!

In other news, our friend Luke took some pictures to help us get our adoption website ready. I can't wait to show you some of the Wiley pics, but in the meantime, here's one from that day of just Wiley and me, because I needed to be in one for a pet contest we're entering. Just wait until you see the rest!

Have you been wanting to share your pet with us? Send me the story! I'm running low and I do like spreading the rescue word with pictures of your happy pets. Email me at

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Monday, August 11, 2014


There are mutts, and then there's Barney!  

Take a look at this guy. I think only a DNA test could reveal Barney's ancestry, although a look at his front legs and body shape certainly suggest there's a Bassett Hound somewhere along the line. 

Barney has it pretty good right now, 

but for awhile Barney's story was a rather downcast one. 
He found himself at the Hillside SPCA, which is the same shelter where we got Wiley. Lots of other dogs we've featured on here have come from Hillside, including Fanny and Rosco. Although dogs are usually (if they're not sick or aggressive) given the chance to run free within the yard at Hillside, Barney didn't even want to. All he did was lie around in a crate, getting sadder with each passing week. 

Eventually he didn't even want to come out when called, and a sad dog lying around unresponsive in a crate is hardly the kind who is going to attract adopters.

That's where Chris comes in. Chris had been volunteering with his mom and step-dad at the Hillside. He would walk dogs and play with them and just generally keep them company. In fact, here he is with Fanny (top picture)! He posted this picture of her on his Facebook wall a few weeks before she was adopted by Luke and Kim.

He also posted lots of other pictures encouraging people to go check out the dogs, even though he didn't have one himself. Eventually the Hillside staff asked him if he wanted to spend some time with Barney, and that's when these two guys met their doggie destiny. The usually reluctant Barney came out of his crate and walked right up to Chris, wagging his tail the whole time!  

The workers asked Chris if he would consider fostering Barney for a bit, just because he seemed so down in the shelter. Chris said yes, and Barney's future was locked in. Barney was destined to be a FOSTER FAILURE, and there's nothing wrong with that!

Barney and Chris have been together for awhile now. Chris has learned that Barney loves sleeping and snacks, but also enjoys his rope toys and bones.

He gets excited when Chris's dad visits because that means they're going on a hike, and he also likes the cheeseburgers he gets from Chris's mom, Leona, when she visits. His mom has her own inspirational story; you can read about it here

Barney loves Chris's step-dad, whom he's sleeping on here, 

and he also keeps a pretty consistent window vigil when he's not sleeping. 

Chris and Barney are best buddies. 

Barney follows Chris around when he's home, often lying right at his feet. 

Or begging for peanut butter!

Or just hogging up the sofa, even when Chris is trying to sleep on it too.

Barney went from being a nervous boy on the way home in the car

to a contented pup who knows he's loved and wanted.

What a happy story for Barney and for us! 

Thanks to Chris for sharing his story with us and his home with Barney. Please take a moment to read Chris's mom's story too, to see if you can help. You can find her at the bottom right of the main page of the Hillside SPCA

Don't forget to share your rescue stories with me! I will be glad to share your stories and pictures with everyone here on the blog. Email me at