Sunday, March 15, 2015

Paw Patrol

So tell me something. What do you know about Paw Patrol?  Because I have to tell you, up until yesterday I knew pretty much nothing about it, and Wiley assumed it just involved him hanging around waving his paws.

Now, if you have young children, you may know that Paw Patrol is a show on Nickelodeon. Wiley and I found out about it when our family's invite to a birthday party came in the mail last month. Of course once Wiley stole it, it got a bit hard for me to read. 

Anyway our niece, Sadie, turns four today, and yesterday was her absolutely adorable party. 

I'm not usually one to fuss over the details, nor do I lose myself on Pinterest in the party-themes and decorations section, but I lapped this party up, and I think all my fellow animal lovers will agree with me.

As you can see, the doggy theme was carried out quite thoroughly.  Even the take-home doggy-bags were pretty close to the real thing!

During the party one of the games was to spin a wheel and then do some sort of dog dance, like rolling over, or wagging their tails. BOL!

After the games all the kiddos got to adopt their own dog! 

Did you notice the "water bowls" in the pictures of the decorations, above?  Sadie told me she was going to give it to her new doggy, but you can see where it wound up instead. 

Foam masks were part of the fun!

I tried to get a picture with the girl of the day, but we couldn't stop singing Frozen songs, and by we I mostly mean her, so we couldn't get one that was just right. Notice my paw scarf!

We did a little better with Hubs, whose bond with Sadie is above and beyond the average Uncle-Niece tether. If you've never read this post, as soon as your done here go check it out. It's pretty incredible.

Sadie finished by opening her gifts, of course.

And, since we do live in the Coal Region of NE Pennsylvania, I would be remiss if I didn't pass along some of the human food for the festivities, namely the Perogie Stromboli. We have a large Polish-Catholic population, so during Lent the restaurant adds a little something to the menu for those who forego meat on Fridays! It's incredible.

Then there was a special guest appearance by Sadie's Grammy's dog, Fluffy!

Now, I know you're wondering, Fluffy?  But Fluffy had just come from a haircut, so he wasn't totally living up to his name here. 

 Fluffy, pictured above with Sadie's older sister Olivia,  is from the same shelter Wiley came from, Hillside SPCA!  All the food bowls used for decoration at the party will be dropped off at the shelter soon.

Overall it was a special day for a special girl, and I thought the theme might just be one worth passing along. Remember- adopt-don't shop! Happy Birthday Sadie!

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