Friday, January 31, 2014

Feel-Good Feline Friday

So many cute things today. Of course, I have to start by sharing a video that has been making its rounds this week. LOTS of people have shared this with me, and I love that they saw it and thought of me.  It is very adorable, and this SCPA (Wake County in North Carolina) is HUGE! It's giving me lots of great ideas of how I want to set up my animal shelter/pet-friendly women's shelter one day when I win Powerball. ;-)  If you haven't seen it yet, treat yourself.  Click on the pic below. The only thing I love more than cute videos of animals is cute videos of animals with lip-synched ABBA music.

And speaking of cute videos, this one has also been shared quite a bit this week. I love it. It is exactly what I imagine Jenny would do were she in this situation. This cat is not taking any of this mailman's crap, and that's for sure. Click below.

And speaking of cute cats, (my segues have been on point today) my sister-in-law Suzy dropped some hints a few weeks ago that maybe I should consider making a Feline Friday post.  

What do you think?  Of course, I would still share Feel-Good stories too. But we would also be able to share your cats. I'm thinking people could just pick a few (or even one of ) their favorite pictures, share a sentence or two if they feel like it, and that's it. 

I'd like to keep it simple, not because I don't love cats as much as dogs, but because it's the Rescue Dog Blog. I love it, you like it, and it's working. So I'm not looking to overhaul it. We still need our rescue doggie fix. 

These are Jenny's thoughts on the subject.

BOL! Or should I say MOL (Meow out loud)! Email me whatever animal-related thing you feel like sharing: rescue stories, pictures of cats, funny videos. It's all good. I'll find a way to use it.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bella the Blue Dobie

I finally have a new rescue story to share! I promise you, Bella was worth the wait. In fact her name literally means beautiful! 

Bella lives with Sampson, whom we've previously shared here, and her mom Paige. 

Paige fell in love with the Doberman breed when she found her beloved Newt, whose story you can read right here

Bella's story is more traditional than her siblings.'  She was listed as part of a rescue group, and several people saw this lovely Blue Doberman and forwarded her information to Paige, thinking she might be interested.  

They were correct, and Paige couldn't resist contacting the group to find out more about Bella.  

It turned out she was being fostered just down the road from Paige, and after a few home visits Paige was ready to make Bella part of her family.

Bella's start in life sounds all too familiar to those of us who rescue. She was used as a puppy mill breeding dog for her first four years. 

She came to Paige having only ever lived in a crate.

 Her paw pads were so sensitive and she was in such bad shape she couldn't even enjoy walks.

 She had to lie down after just a few blocks. Now she is happy and healthy and keeping up with Sampson. 

 She loves car rides, Scooby Snacks, and ear scratches from everyone.

 She loves love and is a wiggle-butt! 

 Paige says she's the queen of their house and she knows it. 

Good for her! Sounds like she deserves it too!

Thanks so much to Paige for sharing her home with these beautiful dogs, and for sharing her story with us. If you would like to share your story we'd love to have it. Email me at

Again, I apologize for so being away from posting regularly. All the winter illnesses making their rounds have managed to find my husband and I at the same time, resulting in lots of sickness, doctor and hospital visits, and subsequent resting. Here's Wiley checking in on and comforting his dad. 

Let's hope we're all on the mend!

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday's Sick Grab-bag

So. Yeah. Still sick. Still really really sick. Wiley has been a champ about keeping me company. Yesterday he climbed on top of me on the recliner and sprawled right out. 

 I think he's upset that I haven't been sleeping in the bed this week, so he isn't getting his nightly cuddle sessions. I couldn't believe he actually fell soundly asleep this way.

Unfortunately the clicking of the camera woke him, so I used it as an excuse to take some "selfies" of him.

He looks so perplexed!

Of course just when I think he can't get any cuter or sweeter, he steals five grilled chicken breasts off of the counter (I swear to you I thought I had them out of his reach) and eats them while I'm in the shower. I knew I was in for a bad surprise when I came downstairs to this guilty face.

He's squinting because he can't even maintain eye contact. What a brat. 

Anyway, I finally caved and agreed to take a sick day to go to the doctor tomorrow. At least that's the plan, assuming I can get an appointment. Because right about now, Wiley looks like I feel.

That sums it up.

I apologize for the lack of new content right now, but I'm in no place mentally to do that. Feel free to click around through the archives though. We have 350 posts or so. You're bound to find something to entertain yourself. And if you have a story you want to share get that in to me at

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Feel-Good Friday

It's Friday in the dead of winter. I've been sick off and on for weeks now, and haven't had my voice since Tuesday. Hubs and I are in the midst of doing some home improvements on the shoe-stringiest budget you can imagine, and now we have to worry about Jenny's new obsession with the tiles ripped off the kitchen ceiling. She likes to sit on top of the fridge and eyeball the holes, so I'm totally paranoid about her crawling into the actual ceiling.

Furthermore, as you well know,we're in the middle of something called a Polar Vortex, and I suffer from serious Seasonal Affective Disorder. I was really bad last winter, and it was a mild winter by both snowfall and low temperature records. So, now that I shared all of the issues above, you can click the picture below to see how I feel today:

Having said all that, it's Feel-Good Friday, so there's no way I can leave you with just complaints from me, without something to make your heart happy. Click on the picture below, and prepare to say "Awwwww."

They never stop loving us do they? Even when she's sleeping it's necessary to get in a few extra licks.  It's either adorable or creepy, but I'm going with adorable. Have a good day! Email me at if you have a story to share.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I love me some Australian Shepherds, let me tell you.  I've written about them a few times on here, largely because our two most recent dogs have been Aussie mixes, who frequently wind up as rescues since people buy them because they are "cute," not realizing they are also a handful. Today we have a gorgeous blue merle Aussie named Luna.

Regular readers of the blog know that I caution against getting a pet through Craigslist or the newspaper.  A lot of people blanche at paying a rescue group’s or shelter’s price but when you buy a dog from them usually (if it’s a legitimate place) you’re paying for its shots, its vetting, and its spaying or neutering. 

Some rescue groups actually watch the papers for “free” puppies, especially if they’re pit bulls, and go get the dogs. Often these puppies are from litters born to dog-fighters, and these are the cast-offs who won’t be good fighters.  If you need another good reason not to get your dog through Craigslist, read the story of Hercules righthere.  You’ll be amazed at how unethical his sale was. 

Anyway, Luna’s story is a different example of  the shady people you might do business with via the classifieds.  Sammie’s family had two dogs, one mastiff, named Saber, and a lab, named Ranger. Sammie had been begging her family for another pet, but she always got shot down. When Samantha was 20, in July of 2012, her dad went out of town for a bit, and she convinced her mom to give in.   

She made lots of phone calls, looking for a medium-sized dog, and eventually made plans to meet a woman from another town. When she got there, the woman opened a crate full of pee and poop and pulled out a little shivering dog. 

Sammie was never more certain of anything than she was at that moment: that dog was not going home with that woman. 

At the meeting the woman claimed the Australian Shepherd was a full-bred with papers. She gave Sammie documentation and also gave her Vet papers with a list of shots the puppy had had.  Sammie paid $450 for the dog and took her home.

Sammie and her mom gave Luna a bath that night and they realized she was so covered with sores they didn’t know how to help her. They took her to their vet the next day. An examination showed she had worms, fleas, ear mites, 11 ticks, and a vaginal infection. 

So how does a pedigreed, vetted dog with papers wind up in that bad of shape?  Simply put, it was a scam. The veterinarian informed Samantha he didn’t think any of the paperwork was real, and to prove it he called the number on the veterinary paperwork.  It went to a loud recording saying “Unknown Number.”

Samantha’s heart sank. She had unwittingly contributed to a puppy mill breeder, the vet said. She was relieved beyond belief to have Luna safe with her, and determined to make the best of the situation now. As Luna got well, Sammie signed her up for obedience class. 


Together over the past year they have become an inseparable pair.   


Luna helped her family (including Ranger) get through the loss of Saber, who at 12 years old crossed the rainbow bridge. 

 If Sammie is crying, especially after watching Pit Bulls and Parolees, Luna comes to her and gives her paw until Sammie high fives her back. 

 Luna has inspired Samantha to do everything she can to make the world a better place for animals, and thus she has changed her major from nursing to pre-veterinary science. 

Sammie can tackle the tough workload she has ahead of her with Luna by her side, reminding her why she wants to do what she wants to do. Thanks so much Sammie for sharing Luna's story.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday's Grab-bag: A Clear Conscience

A while back I entered Wiley in a Facebook Holiday Photo Contest through Clear Conscience Pets. I don't think I shared it on the blog? I know I shared it via the blog's Facebook page and Instagram Account. This is a screenshot:

Anyway-he won! 

 I decided to save the treats until after Christmas, since he got so many goodies from Santa and friends. That also gave me time to look into Clear Conscience Pets, and I felt really good about what I saw.

Now, I want to tell you that I did not pay for these treats; as I said, Wiley won them. 

However, Clear Conscience has no idea what I'm going to write here and no impact whatsoever on what I say. I am receiving no compensation to say good things about them and their products. 

I first found out about this company because I follow Gander: Service Dog on Facebook. I wrote about Gander here on the blog; if you don't know about him please read this uplifting and courageous story.  Gander's partner recommended this company (again, without receiving any compensation) and I decided to check them out.  Not only are their products very safe and healthy for your pets, but they also pay attention to their sourcing, leaving as little environmental impact as possible.

Hubs and I make a conscious (<----coincidental but thoughtful pun) effort to feed Wiley with high-quality products, especially since he had a tumor last year. I actually make his own food, which allows me to control the ingredients and save money. 

So I want my readers to understand that I would not be endorsing a product I had any reservations about, especially given Wiley's high-strung-ed-ness and other special needs.  Of course, the biggest question now is what did Wiley think?

When I opened the package he got very excited, and once he tasted one it was all she wrote. 

He wanted more and more, begging and drooling. 

Look at the gathered saliva! Come on. . . don't you want to see my dog's spit!?!

I know this picture is blurry but the wild look in his eyes tells you all you need to know about his feelings on the Sliders. 

Those of us who rescue do so because we have a heart for animals and want to see them treated well. 

If for you that translates into a special diet for them then you need to check out Clear Conscience Pets. This is a link to their Facebook page.  You can also vote for them as the Dog Treat of the Year over at The Dogington Post  by clicking the picture below.

Thank you to those of you who voted for Wiley in his contest, and thanks to Clear Conscience Pets for sponsoring the contest and delivering the treats! Wiley thanks you too.

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