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Today’s story is the type that should make us all reflect on our blessings while we talk about a different type of rescue.  Today we get to talk about Bonnie. 

Bonnie was from a litter of puppies Brittany’s dad had purposely bred. 

Though both dogs bred were mutts, they were both smart, and that’s what her dad was looking for. Bonnie came to live with Brittany’s family, but unfortunately her arrival coincided with a very ugly time in Brittany’s house. 

 They had numerous stray dogs living there who came and went, and Brittany, at age 14, couldn’t do very much about that. 

One day she came home from school and her mom told her that two of their dogs had run away. She made signs and hung them all around the neighborhood. People helped her look. 

Later she found out her mom had given them to a shelter, and one of them had been euthanized. 

Brittany says her family is the type about whom people say “How could someone do that?” Her response is “Divorce, addiction, loss, and pure selfishness.” 

Obviously, in the midst of all this trouble, Brittany had to fight to keep her beloved Bonnie.  

When her mom moved them into an apartment that didn’t allow dogs, her uncle and her brother took turns keeping Bonnie until they grew tired of her and tried to get rid of her.  At that point her sister, recovering from addiction in a halfway house, took Bonnie.

  Unfortunately the sister’s roommates had dogs, and they attacked Bonnie, resulting in 15 stitches.   It seemed like Bonnie and Brittany were destined to be apart, and to suffer. 

However, Brittany was not ready to give up, and so at age 15, on the savings and income from a minimum wage job, she moved out of her mom’s apartment and into a new place with her sister and Bonnie. 

 The dog had heartworms that required expensive treatment, so Brittany had to save up for that too. Eventually she got Bonnie spayed as well, despite her family’s insistence that Bonnie was smart and should be bred.

 Now Bonnie lives with Brittany and her boyfriend.

 They bought a house with an acre of land and Bonnie, at age 7, can run and play and enjoy life to the fullest. 

She even has a brother, Karter, and we’ll get to his story too so don’t you worry.

We’ve mentioned a few times how smart Bonnie is-she knows about 25 tricks, including the one pictured below, the limp.

  But Bonnie is also sweet and empathic. She has helped Brittany through depression and grief. 

She never breaks the rules and gives Brittany an embarrassed look whenever her brother Karter gets in trouble. 

Brittany says Bonnie makes her smile every day, and from the sound of things, if Bonnie could smile I’m sure she would every time she thinks about where she’s been, and how Brittany rescued her from all that.

You can follow Bonnie on Brittany's Instagram @brittanyv326, where Brittany shares pictures like the beautiful ones featured here, and you must follow the Instagram Brittany runs called @muttskickbutt.  You can even share your dog with her!

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