Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Let's Pretend it's Spring Cleaning!

It's never easy as a teacher or student to go back to school after a long break. 

Even if the teachers and students enjoy school, there's still the complication of adjusting to a routine where perhaps previously one was missing. So when we went back to school last Thursday after Christmas break, most of us were quiet and sleepy and struggling. 

But we've all done it before and we knew there was nothing else to do but keep on keeping on. Until Friday when we had a snow day! Then Monday we had a two hour delay because of freezing rain, and today we didn't have school at all because of the literal sub-zero temps!! Having school every other day is not exactly a way to get back in the swing of things. However, as you well know, there's no sense getting worked up about something completely out of our control, and this weather snap certainly fits that criterion. So what to do on these days off?

Ahh yesss. Relaxing would be nice; however, April is still staying with us because she's on her winter break from college, and so today we did some "Let's pretend it's Spring" Cleaning. The issue, of course, is one large brownish-red dog trying desperately to compete for our attention because there's a bit too much going on for his liking.  

At first when he heard Spring Cleaning, he stole the dishrag, which is one of his favorite contraband articles.

 After awhile, he noticed April was taking everything off of our shelves to dust, and he started to systematically steal whatever he could, starting with a Navy goat mascot we had gotten while touring Annapolis a few years ago.

I explained to him that he wasn't being very patriotic.

His response was to give me the goat then steal the Army mascot we got when we toured West Point on our honeymoon.

By now you'd think he'd be pretty full, because I had to keep giving him treats to get the goods from him.  

On the other hand, I probably should have stopped taking pictures and moved the stuff to where he couldn't get it. He was just so ridiculously cute about it all, especially when he somehow got this Light Saber.

It kept turning off and on too.

Oh the force is strong in this one.

In the end, we agreed that he would stop stealing everything if I would cuddle with him on the chair for at least 30 minutes, and we shook on it.

April and I may or may not have used that down time to watch Magic Mike. I admit nothing and I regret nothing.

Okay so anyway, pretty soon I'll be back to the business of writing and sharing your rescue stories. I haven't forgotten or stopped caring about that, so keep them coming! Email me at pabibliophile@gmail.com, and keep warm kids.

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