Sunday, February 1, 2015

Puppy Bowl 2015 and Other Cute Things

Welp-it has been ages since we shared some love here. I missed the whole month of January! Yikes! I had planned on doing a few posts over my Christmas break and then my mom wound up in the hospital and one thing led to another and here we are. I was inspired to write a post today though because I just have too many cute Puppy Bowl-related images to not share them all in one place.

Wiley and I broke up with the NFL long ago, pretty much after Michael Vick was re-hired. 

As time as gone by the NFL just continues to become more egregious and offensive in their standards of acceptable behavior, and the Ray Rice incident was enough to make us say "NFL? What's that?" 

 We do love football though, so we spend a lot of time watching college football, and once that's over we mostly wait for spring training for baseball to start. BOL. 

Nonetheless, we will certainly be watching the Puppy Bowl and any and all animal-related offshoots of Superbowl Sunday, like commercials with dogs in them and the halftime kitty show and the Kitten Bowl. 

When we were online Christmas shopping this year I happened to find some Puppy Bowl coaching and cheerleading Halloween costumes on the Animal Planet website at 75%! 

 I knew Wiley would be cooperative, 

but I am very surprised I got Jenny into the cheerleading costume without getting scratched or bitten. 

She most definitely will be trying to kill me in my sleep though.

Usually I use carrots to get most of Wiley's cute poses, but when Jenny is involved I just use her regular dry kibble, for both her and Wiley, and then I don't feed it to her in her bowl that day. 

Here they are gobbling it up. 

Wiley then immediately goes back to posing,  while Jenny usually paces and meows at me, which is why it is so hard to get a clear picture of her.   

Here she is glaring at her brother for being so cooperative and getting more rewards. MOL (Meow Out Loud)!  

She's come a long way since we got her though, and she gets a little better with posing each time. Check her out in my balaclava! 

Now, if you don't mind too terribly much I think I'll catch you up on what we've been doing since the new year began. First we celebrated on New Year's Eve.

We even partied a little with Fanny and Leroy.

Then Wiley was up to his usual antics, starting with stealing the remote.

And when he was feeling really ambitious, he got both the remote AND his precious tennis ball in his mouth at the same time.

In the span of less than a week, he licked my yogurt and berry smoothie while I was in the kitchen cleaning up spilled coffee, then casually wandered into the kitchen thinking I wouldn't notice.

Then he stole a 1/2 full container of Greek yogurt off the counter a few days later and I didn't notice until it was too late to do much about it. Guess he's into healthy eating these days.

Of course we've had some bitterly cold weather here in Pennsylvania, so Wiley's been dealing with that.

But he loves the snow so much that he stood directly in the path of the snow flying off the snowblower just because I was holding his ball and he was hoping I would throw it.

Of course I indulged him.

It's no secret Wiley loves the snow, but the downside is that he is usually very demanding while we're out there trying to clean it up, barking at us to throw his ball. However, I must share his clever little trick he developed all on his own, to pass the time while we used the snowblower.

Lastly, he and Jenny have been helping out in the kitchen by mostly making a nuisance of themselves. He loves to steal from the recycling-don't worry, there are no eggs in that carton.

There was one day when Wiley was actually really helpful, until he started giving cooking tips. 

And Jenny is as bad as any cat I've ever seen, stealing food as soon as I turn my back. Here she is eating cabbage out of the crockpot!?! What kind of cat does that?

That just about covers what we've been up to here. We are anxiously waiting for spring, as always. We are finding little things to enjoy along with the way, and spending as much time with Daddy as possible before his college baseball season really gets going and we don't see him as much as we'd like. Here Wiley and Jenny are welcoming him home on a snow day when we got out of work early.

Um, is it just me or does Wiley look like he's feeling a bit left out here? BOL. Poor neglected baby. 

Mostly though, for Wiley it is business as usual.

Well, we are off to try to make the most of our bleak weather and our weekend. We hope you can do the same and enjoy the Puppy Bowl-remember every animal that's part of the show is a rescue! And you can always catch it when it re-airs if you missed it the first time. The puppies will be just as cute, I promise!

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