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The Rescue Dog Blog is on Facebook.  We have secured the name Rescue Dog Blog for the sake of brevity and catchiness! You can get there from here.  You can also search for Rescue Dog Blog, or This is a Rescue Dog. Or if you enjoy making things as specifically difficult as possible you can type in https://www.facebook.com/rescuedogblog

Whatever you do, it is essential that you click on "Follow" at the top of the Facebook page. Facebook has changed their methods of sharing and people are missing out on some great content. 

So come on. Do it. Like us. Make your friends like us. You know you want to. I'm not afraid to use Puppy Dog Eyes.

The Rescue Dog Blog promotes rescues on Instagram and Twitter too!  Please follow us, and make sure you share your rescue pictures with us. 


Twitter: @RescueDogBlog

Instagram: @rescuedogblog


 On both sites, use the tag #rescuedogblog, and if you have a different species you want to share just be sure to mention @rescuedogblog when you post. We will share some of your pictures here on the blog!

You can check out our posts by clicking on the pictures here: 

Don't miss out on this fun way to share!

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