Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday's Grab-bag: Mr. Fluffy and Mr. Funny Pants

The socialization of Wiley continues, and LOOK HOW CLOSE HE IS TO LEROY!  And he's calm. He's not cowering. Granted, he doesn't want to get any closer than this. He's not wagging his tail or play bowing. However I can tell you this is huge. The fact that he doesn't have his head lowered and his tail between his legs, or that he's not panicking by barking, is the furthest he's come. 

Leroy's dad and I have been trying to walk them together 3-4 times a week for the past two weeks. On this particular occasion I was able to take pictures because my husband was with us, freeing up my hands. I wish I had taken pictures earlier in the week so you could have seen the difference in body language for Wiley.

We've been walking them on a path that goes along our local river, thereby avoiding exposure to a lot of other dogs, traffic, people, kids, bikes, and other things that sometimes scare Wiley.

Leroy is a bit of an alpha dog. I think Wiley is fine with that; he has no desire to be dominant. However the first few times we took them out Leroy would strain and yip to get closer to Wiley, not in an aggressive way but just out of interest and excitement. This scared the bejeezus out of Wiley and he would jump behind me immediately.

One time Leroy got very close, closer than we had ever let him get, while they were walking side by side like this. Wiley flinched back. He showed no aggression-no growling, no teeth, no hackles. He just flinched back and Leroy respected that and left him alone. It was a turning point. Good thing the humans stopped interfering because after that moment, when Wiley realized Leroy would respect his boundaries, he has relaxed considerably.

One day while we were walking there was a summer day care program catching tadpoles and crayfish in the river. One of the workers was Meredith, whom you may remember as one of Wiley's dogsitters. She later texted me that a day care student decided that Wiley and Leroy should be renamed "Mr. Fluffy and Mr. Funny Pants."  Haha. Very insightful! What do you think?

Keep your fingers crossed that their walks continue to go well. I hope to have many more pictures of their progress in the future, and I hope that Leroy can be one of Wiley's first fur friends.

Don't forget to keep sharing those pet pictures for the Oral Fixation Photo Share. And of course we are always looking for your rescue stories. Email me at  We have a big week on the blog! Wiley attended his first parade! woohooooo.  BOL.

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

What did you miss? 6/24/13-6/28/13

The Rescue Dog Blog went back to its roots this week beginning with a story on Monday about a pretty white Chihuahua named Chloe. On Tuesday we pondered the concept of an "ugly" dog. Does such a thing exist? What do you think?  On Wednesday we continued our Photo Share: Oral Fixation for which lots of readers have been submitting their pets. Have you submitted yours yet? On Thursday I shared the story of Caesar with you. Caesar is a dog who was destined for Lauren's house and contributed to her moniker "Crazy Dog Lady." Finally on Feel-Good Friday I shared a story about a journalist's brush with the rich and famous via her rescue dog. 

Well, go enjoy your weekend now that you're all caught up with the blog. Get your rescue stories in and please share the blog with others you think would enjoy it.  Email me at

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Feel-Good Friday: Man of Steel, Heart of Gold

Have you ever had a total stranger fuss over your dog? Have you ever fussed over a total stranger's dog?  If you're a dog person I already know the answer is yes. Dogs open channels of communication faster than almost anything or anyone else.

For example, I don't love to talk to new people. It's not in my comfort zone. But I cannot resist inquiring if their dog is friendly and if so, petting him/her with reckless abandon.  The same thing goes for Wiley. People see this sweet fluffy doe-eyed animal and they can't stay away. 

It's sometimes even nerve-wracking because of his anxiety; I always worry he'll be overwhelmed.

Now, I want you to imagine that just one of those people who like your dog, just one of them who says hi each day on your walk or asks to pet him on a regular basis suddenly dropped off the radar, and the next time you saw this person he was SUPERMAN.

Giana Mucci shares her unbelievable story in an article on Yahoo this week. She had a rescued Malamute named Buddy that she used to walk in West Hollywood back in 2005.
Photo taken by Giana Mucci. Click here to link to original.
 As time went by, the host of a new restaurant took a real liking to Buddy. This host was very attractive (like most men in Hollywood) and told Giana he was an actor (like most men in Hollywood). 

He also offered to walk Buddy sometime if she ever needed someone. Giana actually took him up on it a few times. 

As time went by, she called her handsome and kind dogwalker named Henry to see if he was available, but this time he didn't return her call for awhile, which she found unusual.  When he finally did call her back, it was to apologize to her for not getting back to her sooner and to let her know he had been out of the country to audition for the role of JAMES BOND.  Uh, what!?!

Well, Henry Cavill lost out on that role, but he did go on to secure many more, including his most recent one as Superman in Man of Steel.  And he remembered Giana and Buddy when she talked to him at a press event a few years later too. He made a point of asking about Buddy.

Henry and Giana (Photo: Courtesy of Dan MacMedan)

Sigh.  Just when I thought I couldn't love him more, a dog story comes out about him. And that story is your Feel-Good Friday post. What do you think? Will your pet ever be the reason you wind up rubbing elbows with the rich and famous? Well you can start your journey to fame right here on the blog. Share your rescue story! Share your pictures for the Oral Fixation Photo Share! Email me at

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hail Caesar!

I've been waiting to share this story for what seems like forever. Caesar is Marco's brother, and another one of Lauren's furkids. 

Lauren first laid eyes on Caesar on December 5, 2011. She and her family had gathered supplies to donate to their local animal shelter in honor of her late brother, who had passed away in September. What a beautiful tribute to him. 

While they were there, the shelter got a phone call that someone had found a box of puppies near a dump.  

Ok so this story is starting out really really sad. But did I mention a box of puppies?  Look, here's a box of 4 week old Golden Retriever puppies.

So Lauren called her then fiance now husband David, and as they discussed it they both agreed it was just the wrong time to adopt one of these puppies.

 They were in the process of moving to a new home, they were planning their wedding, and Lauren was trying to cope with the loss of her brother. 

Even as she held Caesar in her arms in a warm towel and fell in love with him, she hung up with David knowing Caesar would have to find a different furever home. 

But readers. . .  Lauren is a lucky woman.  Do you know what David did?  Well my eyes are filling up with tears as I type this if that's any kind of hint.  

David went to the shelter that very night without telling her.  When she came home from work, there he was!

You're a good man David, and I'm sorry to post this silly picture of you and Caesar but Lauren gave it to me and it's too precious not to post.

Caesar really loves his mommy, and through Caesar's love Lauren was better able to cope with her depression. 

She feels strongly that Caesar rescued her, and I bet that's a tune many of us can recognize. 

Caesar likes to play fetch, and to try to catch flies in his mouth on his pretty spotted tongue.  

Caesar has been blessed many times over to find a furever family like Lauren's.

And of course Lauren's family has been blessed many times over to find a doggy like Caesar.

In fact, since I'm an English teacher you'll have to indulge me if I conclude this post with a little Shakespeare:
"Here was a Caesar, when comes such another?" 

Many thanks to Lauren and Caesar. Readers please please remember that every breed is available through rescue if you're willing to be patient. Caesar's story comes with no caveats. There is no "yeah, he's a Golden, but he's a rescue so he _______."  Nothing. He's a rescue and he's wonderful and dogs like him are waiting for people like you to find them and rescue them!

Ok readers, we will need new rescue stories soon. If you've been thinking about submitting your pet the time has come. Email me at And don't forget to share pictures of your pets with stuff in their mouth for our Photo Share!  

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Photo Share, Day Three: Oral FIxation

Readers, we are back to one of my favorite blog features.  Today we continue the Photo Share we began a few weeks ago called Oral Fixation. Our pets have a habit of putting everything and anything in their mouths, and we are trying to catch them in the act and share it here. We are starting out today with Riley. Riley is pictured above and below. Riley's mom, Laurie, says he takes being a Golden Retriever very seriously. haha.

Fun fact- Riley is Meredith and Nala's cousin. 

Next we have Stella. We've had Stella on the blog before, and here she is pictured with one of her favorite toys, her baby bear.

Here is McKenzie, shared by Mikaela. Isn't this picture fantastic?

And finally, I wanted to share these beautiful dogs I met via Instagram.


 If you are on Instagram you can follow them @usplus2dogs.  

Their account is updated all the time with great pictures that are of professional quality.  

Ranger is a Bernese Mountain Dog and Momo is a Papillon.

Don't they look like they are just having the best time? They are living a blessed life.

Please don't forget that all pets are eligible for the Photo Share. Even if your pet is not a rescue, or not even a dog, if you love it and want to share it we will.  Email me at

We will also need some new rescue dog stories soon. If you've been waiting for the right time to share, it's now!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Is there any such thing as an ugly dog?

Wiley and I are of the same opinion about the cuteness factor of dogs. . .  they are all cute. All of them. The World's Ugliest Dog competition was held last Friday in Petaluma, California and Walle was declared the winner. 

WHAT!?! This dog is adorable. Precious. A total cutie-pie. If you're a big fan of rescues you know that many of them are mixed breeds. When breeds are mixed, anything can happen. Walle is a mix of beagle, basset, and boxer. Works for me!

In previous years the winners have often had some Chinese Crested in their bloodlines, like Yoda, below, who won in 2011. She was a 1.8-pound female Chinese crested-Chihuahua mix.

Ummm. Well. Okay maybe that's a face only a mother could love. BOL!  Nah just kidding Yoda. I think you're cute too. I think it's impossible for real dog lovers to see any dogs as just their appearance. When we look at them we know behind every "quirky" face is a dog's heart.

That's probably how we should try to look at each other, right? Hmmm. Easier said than done. 

Okay, that's the end of this Public Service Announcement. If you want to see Walle looking even cuter, click on the picture below for a brief video from his appearance on the Today Show.

If you want to take a look  at some of the other candidates, click on the picture below for a link to a slideshow of contestants. 

Tomorrow we will resume our Photo Share contest. It's not too late to submit photos for that. Also, keep your rescue stories coming! Email me at

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Monday, June 24, 2013


The story of a new dog helping to heal the hole left by a previous dog's crossing of the Rainbow Bridge is a familiar one around here. We all know that our beloved pets can never be replaced. When we lose them they take a piece of our heart with them. Such was the case with Rebecca's family when they lost their nearly 13 year old Shih tzu, Precious, pictured below on the left. 

Precious left a hole in the family's heart, but Rebecca's 11 year old daughter Rania and her 6 year old Chihuahua Neela (above, on the right) were just devastated. Rania would cry in school each day, and Neela gave up her playfulness and just sat on Rebecca's lap.

However, Rebecca's oldest daughter was working at the Berks County Humane Society when fate intervened, as it so frequently does. 

She sent Rebecca this picture of an all white Chihuahua who came in as a stray, and that was the beginning of Chloe's happy ending.

Chloe fit in with the family immediately. Neela had a new playmate, and one who could really keep up with her too. 

They play with toys and do tug of war, and Chloe still has enough energy left over to play with Rania as well.

 At night she cuddles up with Rania to sleep, and in the process heals Rania's pain from the loss of Precious.

As we have always stated here on the blog, we don't replace our beloved lost pets when we rescue new ones. We just give yet another worthy animal a place in our hearts and homes, like Chloe found with Rebecca and her family. 

By the way, the Berks County Humane Society is the same shelter where Isis was found. She was the first dog we ever featured on the Rescue Dog Blog. Click here if you've never had the chance to read her inspiring story.

We are always accepting your personal rescue stories. There are no special qualifications. If you think you're interested and want to know more email me at  

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