Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Akira and Meko: family bonding

Yesterday's post about Coco, from Hong Kong, reminded me that I still hadn't shared the family pictures of Akira and Meko!  Their mom Jenna has done a stellar job taking pictures of them together, and it's about time I shared them, don't you think?

Jenna brought these two into her life when many others may have passed on them. If you haven't read their stories yet you really need to!

 Now, not only do they have Jenna to take care of them, but they also have each other!

Jenna indulges these sweeties whenever she can, like giving them their own special coats!

And they pay her back with unconditional love and good behavior in public.

 They make the most of their lives with Jenna, including rainy day naps as pictured below.  I love Meko's position! BOL. (Bark out loud.)

As we have commented in the past, most people who rescue will tell you the animals are grateful. They know. I don't know how they know but they do. They know who gave them a second (or third or fourth) chance, and they will always pay their owners back a million times over. Jenna and her girls are great ambassadors for rescue, and we thank Jenna for sharing their stories. Let's hope she keeps the pictures coming and we can get some updates from time to time!

I also want to add:  Happy Birthday to the woman who taught me everything I know about how to treat animals! Love ya Mom.

Have you submitted your pictures yet for the Photo Share? No?  WHY NOT?  Get out there and get a picture of your pet with something in its mouth. Email me at pabibliophile@gmail.com.

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