Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Is there any such thing as an ugly dog?

Wiley and I are of the same opinion about the cuteness factor of dogs. . .  they are all cute. All of them. The World's Ugliest Dog competition was held last Friday in Petaluma, California and Walle was declared the winner. 

WHAT!?! This dog is adorable. Precious. A total cutie-pie. If you're a big fan of rescues you know that many of them are mixed breeds. When breeds are mixed, anything can happen. Walle is a mix of beagle, basset, and boxer. Works for me!

In previous years the winners have often had some Chinese Crested in their bloodlines, like Yoda, below, who won in 2011. She was a 1.8-pound female Chinese crested-Chihuahua mix.

Ummm. Well. Okay maybe that's a face only a mother could love. BOL!  Nah just kidding Yoda. I think you're cute too. I think it's impossible for real dog lovers to see any dogs as just their appearance. When we look at them we know behind every "quirky" face is a dog's heart.

That's probably how we should try to look at each other, right? Hmmm. Easier said than done. 

Okay, that's the end of this Public Service Announcement. If you want to see Walle looking even cuter, click on the picture below for a brief video from his appearance on the Today Show.

If you want to take a look  at some of the other candidates, click on the picture below for a link to a slideshow of contestants. 

Tomorrow we will resume our Photo Share contest. It's not too late to submit photos for that. Also, keep your rescue stories coming! Email me at pabibliophile@gmail.com.

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