Friday, July 26, 2013

Feel-Good Friday: Everyone Can Help


Today's Feel-Good Friday is about a beautiful person I discovered via Instagram. Her name is Jimena Hoyos, and she is an actress from Colombia who is working to help the serious population of homeless dogs in that country.  Many people mistakenly believe that if they can't currently adopt a dog, there's very little they can do to help rescue pets. Maybe they'll donate to a shelter, but otherwise they feel their work is done until the time is right to adopt again. 

Jimena knows this isn't true. We all have different gifts, talents, and ideas. Jimena photographs these beautiful dogs, creates unique frames out of the materials around the dogs, and displays and sells them to raise money and awareness of the stray dog problem in Colombia. She currently has a display at D.O.G.Miami.

She hasn't stopped there either. She also created a dog food/water dispenser designed to provide a constant source of sustenance for these dogs. She has it outside of her restaurant, Carambola, and it feeds approximately 26 dogs. 

I highly recommend you follow Jimena on Instagram @jimenahoyos. You can read more about her organization Gozques here, and donate to her cause here. In addition, these pictures are all linked back to their original source, where you can also find some information about each dog.

Every one of us is uniquely gifted to help our favorite causes in some way. You can even help right here by sharing your story so we can raise awareness. If you've already shared, I'll bet you know other people who have rescued as well. Tell them about the blog. Share it on your Facebook. Spread the word that there are millions (yes, millions) of euthanized dogs and cats every year who would make wonderful pets!  Email me at

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  1. Wonderful pictures. If it were not for my wife I would have a 100 dogs or more. Three is my limit.

  2. Excellent overview about Jimena Hoyos dogs support and her organization Gosquez. Only one detail she is from Colombia not Columbia.

  3. omg! I'm so sorry I spelled it wrong. How embarrassing. I went back and I think I fixed them all. Thank you for telling me and if you see any more like that please let me know.