Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Today we return to Gina and Schyler's house to revisit their beautiful pack.  We shared their baby, Moo Latte, a few weeks ago. Today we are featuring Dakota.  

Although Dakota is technically the middle furbaby, she was the first dog to rescue Gina's family when they intercepted her before her owners had a chance to surrender her at the Utah Animal Adoption Center

Dakota is a people pleaser, and learned her commands very quickly. Even though she does love to make her humans happy, she isn't too much of a cuddle bug. 

She will cuddle with her human brother, Derick, but otherwise she is mostly interested in snuggling with her sisters, Moo Latte and Bella. 

Despite being very obedient, especially when treats are involved, Dakota does have her naughty moments, most of which involve her eating habits.

 For example, she once ate about 10 pounds of cat food and had to spend the day at the vet's! She also loves paper (so does Wiley, see here), and has literally eaten Schyler's homework, along with many contraband straw wrappers, which might be her favorite treat ever. 

Mostly Dakota likes to have fun! She loves to run and play, especially fetch with Derick. 

She has an old shoe she carries around in her mouth, she likes to wrestle with her sisters, and she chases bugs too.  

Wow. Does Dakota sound like she lives a sweet life or what?

Rescue dogs must talk about Gina's and Schyler's house like it's summer time, all the time: the livin's easy. Thank you Gina and Schyler, and keep these good stories coming. Tell your shelter friends about the Rescue Dog Blog too; we'd love to hear from them. Email me at pabibliophile@gmail.com.

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