Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Photo Share, Day Four: Oral Fixation

Photo Share day! You send me pictures of your pets. I share them. Everybody wins. Even you, readers. All you have to do is scroll down the page and say "Awwwww." The theme, as you may know, is Oral Fixation. 

First I'm going to switch it up. I'm going to start with what's not in their mouths. Stacy shared this picture of Amelia awhile ago. She couldn't catch her in the act of destroying her toy, so we just have to visualize her with this toy in her mouth.

Speaking of not having anything in her mouth, I really have to share this picture of Daisy. Daisy is a service dog I met via Instagram @gal_vet. This trick is pretty impressive, no?

 Just so you don't think Daisy never gets to have any fun, here she is enjoying her stuffed guys just as much as the next dog.

Max is another dog shared via Instagram. Max was shared by Meg, who is Masen's mom. Readers, that's a lot of "m"s to work into one sentence. Alliteration doesn't intimidate me though. I'm an English teacher.

Finally, I need to share one of Lizzie's playing stratgies.

 I bet most of you have seen this move before. I always get a kick out of when dogs play on their back. They are so defenseless in that position. To me it suggests they are having so much fun and are so relaxed. Here she is playing with her dad, Bill.

And here's one more, just for the fun of it all.

Tell me she doesn't look like she's posing! 

Ok we have enough pictures left for one more week of this photo share. I encourage you to keep sending your pictures to me at

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