Thursday, July 11, 2013

Moo Latte

Our uplifting blog posts continue this week with the story of Moo Latte. Moo is a beautiful Basset Hound/Boxer mix. She lives with her mom, Gina, her human sister, Schyler, two other dogs, Isabella and Dakota, a cat, and a guinea pig! 

Moo Latte came to Gina and Schyler's house from the Utah Friends of Basset Hounds rescue organization, for whom they sometimes foster.  She was only supposed to come for a weekend while her foster family was going away. Well readers, Moo is a bit of a charmer, if you will. 

She had Schyler wrapped around her paws in under two hours. Schyler told Gina that Moo Latte could not be a temporary guest, and so Moo joined her older siblings as the youngest  furbaby, and a little princess, Gina says.

I enjoyed reading Gina's email because Moo reminds me of Wiley. She's a goof! I'm a sucker for a goof. Her favorite thing to do is chase reflections. Gina says it's really hard to get a picture of her outside because when she spots the reflection of the camera lens she is determined to catch it.

Another big distraction for Moo Latte is the scent of, well, pretty much anything. After all she is a hound! She  also loves wrestling with her sisters, and Gina says she is very, very interested in trying to find out a bit more information on Bianca, the guinea pig.

Moo Latte has a rather significant health problem known as renal dysplasia, meaning her kidneys never fully developed. This leads to all kinds of issues like infections, a special diet, and many trips to the vet, but if there's one thing we've seen around the Rescue Dog Blog, it's that dogs don't take any time to mope around feeling sorry for themselves. 

In fact, even though Gina and Schyler know they will likely have less time with Moo than they would with another dog, they are making the best of it.

 Schyler is training Moo Latte to be a therapy dog!  Just imagine how a chronically ill child might feel to meet a dog going through the same circumstances. 

Moo Latte will be able to lend a giant, floppy, basset hound-ish ear to anyone who needs the help of a kind, goofy, fun friend. What a great idea!

Wiley and I want to commend these two ladies for everything they do for rescue pets. I hope their home is as big as their hearts because they are suckers for a furry face. But aren't most of us? 

I also think it's fantastic that Schyler (whose senior picture is below) is working with Moo to help her fulfill her purpose. Brava Schyler and Moo. Please keep us posted.

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