Thursday, January 24, 2013


I'll try to keep this as upbeat as possible. This is our beloved Mac.



My husband got Mac when he was in college, and Mac was just a little pound puppy. 


Mac crossed the Rainbow Bridge in May of 2010.  He was 15 years old.  Every fur-kid I lose gets harder and harder to accept. We accept our friendships with these animals knowing the contract will probably expire far too soon. However, life without them just doesn't have as much to offer. It took us awhile after Mac left to get ready to open our hearts to the kind of risk being a pet lover entails. The rewards are unparalleled, so we do our best to enjoy every minute and never take these relationships for granted, just as we should with everyone we love.  Still, the weirdest things will trigger a Mac memory, or he'll show up in one of my dreams, and the sadness returns.

Hmm. . .it's tougher to keep this upbeat than I thought it would be. To go for a laugh, I'll end with one of Mac's worst habits: humping. He was such a humper, and my husband and I would laugh uncontrollably every time.  I know, I know, we were unfit parents. Still, it was hard not to laugh watching my dog relentlessly hump my older brother.  And my mother-in-law.  And any house guests.  Sorry! not sorry ;)  

Love you Mackie! Miss you every day.  See you at the gate.

What are your pet memories? You can honor them by sharing them with us. It's hard to talk about for sure. I cried when I wrote this, and I'll cry when I proofread it too. And any time I read it after that I'll cry.  But I'm glad I shared it. You can share too! 

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  1. I always thought it was funny when Mack humped Dave too!

    This post made me think about Ginger. Our half bassett - half dachsund crazy little Ginger. She was always going through the garbage, chewing barbie feet off and peeing on the floor. But all that aside, Ginger was the cutest, most clever stair jumper we've ever had. She would do anything for food. ANY FOOD, ANY TIME. She used to run to the window and bark in order to distract the other dogs so that she could steal whatever food was available. Every so often we'd see what we called "the red streak" - when our fat little Ginger would sprint through the room in an attempt to steal food from someone. That always cracked me up...

    I still miss Ginger. Pets have a way of sticking with us, even when they leave us.

  2. And Ginger was particularly sweet too!