Monday, January 21, 2013

Goose and Eddie: Part One

Meet Goose and Eddie. They are brothers, but not blood brothers!  Obviously they look very similar, and clearly they are simpatico. However, Francine, their mom, found them in two different shelters, many years apart.  

Let's start with Goose. Here he is not long after Francine brought him home from the Chester County SPCA in 2001.  She knew she wanted a cat once she had her own apartment, having grown up with Tiger, a sweet male orange tabby who had recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Goose was named by the SPCA staff after the character in Top Gun. Coincidentally, or perhaps it was fate, Francine's dad had always called her Goose when she was young. A few other lucky omens let her know that Goose was destined to be hers.

Duck Duck GOOSE

Goose's personality was incredibly similar to Francine's beloved Tiger.  Even his sense of entitlement, demanding to sleep every night on her shoulder!

Goose is super friendly, and particularly has a way of winning over even non "cat people." And luckily, he gets along with other cats, because Francine wasn't done opening her door and her heart to rescue animals!  Look at Goose kitten-sitting!

A few years after Goose, Francine found Eddie, and Goose and Eddie found each other. 

However Eddie's story is so interesting he gets his own post, so you'll have to keep checking in to read it!  Until then, I'll leave you with this handsome guy, who looks good and knows it, luxuriating on Francine's bed and living the good life.

 What about your house?  Are there any rescue stories you'd like to share?  Also, don't forget we want pictures of any of your pets, rescue or otherwise, behaving badly.

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