Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Meet Petey!

Look at this guy! Petey is a 5 year old beagle/Jack Russell mix. If you've ever owned either of those breeds you know what that means. . . .he's a barker!  He is ever-vigilant in protecting his people too.

Here he is on guard both inside and out. It seems like he's always on the job.

 But sometimes things get just a little too scary!

That's when he needs the protection of his mom, Kim.

Other times he finds comfort in his toy, "Greenie," which doesn't leave his sight.

 Kim found Petey via Castaway Critters in Harrisburg, PA.  She knew she would be taking him home when she saw that tail wag "120 wags per minute" just for her.  This is a picture of the happy day when they first met!

Lucky Petey, and lucky Kim! Look at the happiness hidden away in discarded animals. How did you and your rescue meet?   Share your story!

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