Friday, January 11, 2013

Sergeant Roscoe

 Today is Friday, so let's just keep it light. This is Sergeant Roscoe!  This brindle Boxer puppy was adopted by the Parsons Police Department in Parsons, Kansas when the officers felt they needed a little something extra around the station. 

Click here to watch a video about Roscoe.

 Initially they thought Sergeant Roscoe would be mostly a mascot, but then they began to notice a change in the moods and temperament of not only the officers but also the people brought into custody.  Agitated people would calm down and inconsolable children would relax.


 Roscoe isn't officially a certified therapy dog, but many officers at the station think he is a natural. Moreover, the police have not only noticed a reduction in stress, but also in blood pressure! Now, if only we could get a reduction in crime.

How do your animals impact your health?  I'm not asking that statement generically or rhetorically.  I mean how do your own pets impact your health? Some of you know exactly how they've helped, and some of you may have never thought about it.  However, facts are facts. Pet owners are healthier, and over the next few weeks on the blog we will explore why that is. Give your own situation some consideration and if you feel your pet has improved your health tell us why.

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