Friday, January 18, 2013

Pet Benefits: Veterans

There are many programs that focus on what shelter dogs can do. Companions for Heroes is the one featured here today. Any person who loves their pet knows that animals can work miracles in our lives, and sometimes they can do so in a way no one else can. Someday I will be able to talk about the dark times that Wiley has helped and is helping me cope with, but that day is not today. Today I want you to watch this video about David Sharpe and his shelter dog, Cheyenne. Although I shed tears while watching this it definitely did my heart some good. It helps us all remember that we never have to go through anything completely alone. If nothing else, we have our pets to help us through. Click on the picture to watch the video, and I have linked to the homepage of the organization above and here.

Also, don't forget we need your stories! It is what keeps us going. I love to talk about Wiley and share pictures of him, but we need to talk about all the joy found through rescuing various pets, including and especially yours. If you only have a few pictures and not much to say, that's fine! Most people are loving the pictures anyway, the story is just a bonus.

 One more thing. . .we need pictures of pets either looking guilty or misbehaving or both. Even if your pet isn't a rescue pet, we will feature their picture when we begin running the posts the week of Jan. 28th.  Please submit them by Wednesday, January 23rd.  Wiley is a wonderful example of a very guilty-looking and naughty pet, chewing through his stolen Dunkin Doughnuts cup.

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