Friday, January 4, 2013

No banned breeds!

 So I finally got to meet Isis, the one-eyed Pit Bull puppy we featured a few weeks ago. Even though she is truly a sweetheart, we decided to keep Wiley out of the equation for the time being, because he is very afraid of other dogs. 

Isis's most distinctive feature is not her missing eye or even her smile (and I swear it does often look like she's smiling). Her standout body part is her tail, because it never. . . stops. . . wagging. I could hear her coming from several rooms away. As she would trot through the rooms her tail wagged so hard it would thump off the walls and furniture on her way. 

In the above picture, she is playing with her sister Olivia. And by playing I mean Isis is holding onto Liv's hand so she can continue to get her chin scratched, while smiling all the while. Unfortunately you cannot see nor hear the thumping tail in this picture, but trust me it was there.

Isis was very interested in being wherever her sisters were. While Olivia, Sadie, and I were posing for above picture, Isis just had to insinuate herself into the situation; the whole time that tail was thumping against my leg.

Here, I cannot believe she stopped licking my face long enough to look at the camera. 

And this picture was not intended to be a picture. We weren't posing. We were just cuddling, when Isis's mom grabbed her phone and started snapping. I love everything about the picture and the unequivocal joy represented here. The best part is. . . YOU CAN SEE HER TAIL WAGGING! She just cannot stop herself.

Please, if you have a good story to share about so-called "dangerous" breeds, help us change the stereotype.  Share your rescue with us!



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