Monday, January 28, 2013


This is Cali, a Cocker Spaniel/Beagle mix from the Hillside SPCA, the same shelter where Wiley lived.

Cali came to live with Jane and Ralph back in 2003, and was their first family dog. She was a perfect fit for that position.  Here she is in her first Christmas ornament, by which time she had already worked her way well into their hearts.

Cali is sweet and lazy. She has a favorite spot in her favorite chair.

Cali has a roommate who was already featured on the blog: Petey!  They get along just fine, as long as Petey lets her relax in her spot.

This friendly dog gets along with everyone, but especially pals around with anyone who will rub her belly.


Loving, lovable, docile, adorable. . . these are the kinds of traits found in the animals waiting for furever families in shelters. Please consider adopting before you buy! The possibilities are, unfortunately, endless.  All rescue dogs deserve such a comfy home and life as the one afforded to Cali.

When we started the blog we pictured sharing stories like Cali's every day.  We have evolved into something more than that, but rescue stories are still the foundation on which this site stands. We need to hear from you! Tell us where your rescue came from, and what he/she means to you.

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