Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This is Barney!  Barney was languishing in a shelter in Reading, Pennsylvania when Mark and Trisha found him. He had been returned twice in one month because he had "separation issues."  However, Mark and Trisha had already fallen for him when they saw him online. In fact, one of the shelter employees had told them Barney was already gone, but they went to the shelter anyway to see another dog.   Gentle readers, if you read the blog often you know I firmly believe our pets are part of our destiny, and so . . . of course Barney was there!

Barney with some friends who were visiting
They took him home and tried leaving him in a bedroom the first time they both had to go to work.   Barney pulled up the carpet all the way down to the floor and put grooves in the floor as well. 

 Ok, so that approach didn't work. Next they tried a metal crate. He ripped off pieces of the metal and cut himself trying to escape. 

 Oh Barney. . . Don't worry though!  The solution was staring them in the face.  They let him loose in the house!  That wouldn't work for just any dog, but it worked for Barney.  He hasn't had any issues since then.

Last fall Barney got a sister, Addison. Addy and Barney get along well. Barney is loving and protective and they will no doubt become best friends. 

Barney is part of a beautiful family and living the life he deserves. Thanks to Mark and Trisha for sharing Barney's story and for giving Barney a furever home (and some bacon from time to time).

Don't forget your jobs (yes jobs) as readers. Your first job is to share your rescue story if you haven't yet, and to spread the word to others with rescues so they share their stories.  Your other job is to share pictures of your spoiled pets.  We'll share them in a few weeks so get them to the blog soon!

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  1. Trish and Mark are GOOD people and obviously GREAT parents.