Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday's Gratitude: Puppy Bowl!!!!

I may have helped him drink this beverage.


 I have good news and I have great news! The good news is. . . it is BOWL day.  PUPPY BOWL!  Now if you're a Ravens or San Francisco fan, I know where you'll be when the kick-off takes place. But that doesn't mean you can't watch the Puppy Bowl too, because it starts at 3 on Sunday afternoon on Animal Planet. Wiley is already lounging around, waiting for the game to start.  He's in the best seat in the house and enjoying a beverage from the local brewery.

Are you ready for the great news?  All the animals involved in the Puppy Bowl, including the kittens at halftime and the hedgehogs, were rescued pets!  Most of them have already been adopted since the filming took place back in October. Still, the goal is to raise awareness of pets waiting for adoption, and with nearly 10 million viewers last year between live-streaming and television, I'd say they are furthering that goal impressively. 

Wiley asked if he could have people food while he enjoyed the special occasion, just this one time. . . so we caved.  Still, in the interest of protecting our chips from all of the drool, he was relegated to a little bowl of them rather than just eating out of the bag.

 The chips were quite a hit.  Before he dove in he asked me if I wanted any, as you can see by his expression on the left, but I declined. He was a little "drooly" while he enjoyed them.

 At one point he seemed skeptical that I was going to let him eat the whole bowl.

Then he decided to just eat them up before I changed my mind.

Of course, one he tasted them I think he wanted some more.

 I'm not sure what gave me that impression.

He seemed pretty bummed when I said no.

 And he tried the puppy dog eyes.

 But I didn't cave.  Now he's just relaxing, waiting for the Puppy Bowl. 

Well, to tell you the truth he may have had a little too much to drink.

He'll be ready for the Puppy Bowl when it starts though. This is the 9th year for it, and the animals involved have always been rescue pets. Many of them are mixed breeds too!  The idea is to show people the kind of happy and fun pets waiting for their furever home through rescue organizations all over the country. They use to find the right pups who are ready for the grid iron. 

Well, enjoy your day! Make time for the cuteness, and sometime this week make sure you share your photos of spoiled pets for our next photo share.  We'll always need more rescue stories too so keep them coming!  Is it just me, or is Wiley cracking a little smile in this picture?


  1. NBC news did a nice feature on Friday night about the pups being available as rescue dogs. A friend on one of my rescue boards actually took some of her rescue puppys to Conn and participated in the Puppy Bowl several years ago. She had lots of behind the scene pics, looked like a lot of fun.

  2. I can't even imagine how much fun that must have been!