Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spoiled Silly

 Wiley is spoiled. There's no point in denying it.  I told him we were going to take some pictures with his favorite things. He jumped on the pull-out sofa bed.

 Here's the thing about the pull-out sofa bed. We had company over Christmas, and that's when Wiley discovered the bed. He loves it so much that we haven't closed it yet. We are two adults with a sofa bed opened in our front room because the dog really enjoys it.

We treat them. We pamper them. We spoil them. Non-pet lovers hear about the lengths we go to to care for our pets and give us a skeptical look at best, and a disdainful one at worst.  We happily buy organic treats or expensive beds, and sadly (but willingly) pay whatever the cost at the veterinarian's office. 

Look at his face!  He's so happy!

According to an article in Time magazine, from 1994-2009 the amount of money we spent on our dogs went from $17 billion to $43 billion. Can we take a moment to process that we are spending more than 43 BILLION DOLLARS on our dogs!?!

"Oh gosh-I love this ball!"
"Oh wait, there are more balls!"

"I will have THIS ball!"

A good friend has asked me to accompany her to a summer camp for dogs and their owners.   I had no idea such a thing even existed. Hubs and I don't really have that kind of discretionary income but I am thinking maybe if I save up I could do it next summer. And I hate nature!  It just sounds like something that would be good for Wiley.

"Man, I forgot how much I love THIS ball."

I've always been over-the- top good to my pets, but it seems like every year there are more ways to spoil them; I get worse and worse and the dog has it better and better. So that's why I picked the topic of this photo share, SPOILED PETS. People have already started sharing with me. I have a picture of a dog getting her nails painted, one of a tiny dog taking up a king sized bed, and various indulgences. Let's hear from you. This is a safe place; you won't be judged. ;-)

"Yeah-I'm spoiled. So what?"

Share your dog, cat, rabbit, horse or goldfish. Show us how good they have it. There has to be a lot of people out there spoiling their pets if we're spending $43 billion on just our dogs!

PS.  Don't forget to share your rescue story too.


  1. Wiley looks so happy, thank god for good people like you! Enjoy your life together!!