Saturday, February 23, 2013

What did you miss? 2/17- 2/22

There's a cuteness overload this week. Not just with our posts, but with the video I'm going to share too. I don't know why I laugh so hard when people dub voices over animals but I go nuts for that stuff.  Make sure you read until the end and check it out.

On Sunday I updated you on Wiley's health after his surgery, and on Monday I told you about what happened when he ATE a birthday party invitation I needed.  Tuesday we shared Snickers, a beautiful and naughty full bred Chihuahua who is a rescue. Wednesday was our Spoiled Pets photo share, and at the end of that post I told you about our next request, pictures of your sleeping pets.   Thursday I posted happy pictures of lucky dogs in their furever homes via Instagram, and Friday was the nutty tale of Tucker, a rescue dog who has a very important but crappy job.

Another update for the week:

Hubbie has encouraged me to promote one post per week on Facebook. It's only $5, and while I know there are 100 other uses for $5, I decided to try it for a month and see if it was worth it. I'm happy to share with you we have reached 200 likes on our Facebook page!

Blog traffic is also way up. Before we were getting on average 90 visits per day, but would go up to 150 when people shared their rescue stories on their own Facebook page. Now we are averaging 130, with spikes at or near 200 on good days. Considering we launched less than three months ago that excites me! If we keep sharing and keep promoting just imagine how many people will get to see the real life benefits of saving a rescue!  If you like a post, share it.  Make sure you like us on Facebook and encourage your friends to do so too!

One more thing. . .share with the blog. I am looking for pictures of your sleeping pets for our next photo share, and I always need your personal rescue stories too.  Now. . . your weekly dose of free laughs via video, click below.

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