Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lucky Dogs

Today I want to share some Instagram photos that make me feel like those of us who rescue are a part of something much bigger, a network of do-gooders who are paid for their kindness with wet noses and sloppy kisses. 

These pictures, shared by Chloe (who we also shared last week), should make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Look at the life these dogs are living! First there is Bandit and Jojo.

And then we have Copper, so content.

And Bullet, being a cuddle-bug.

And here he is, so awake and alert!

In fact, here are all the dogs enjoying their time in the spotlight.

Switching to a new furever home, we have this beauty. The King/Queen of the frisbee is thoroughly enjoying the snow day.

And here are puppy dog eyes to rival any others.

I was going to include some gorgeous Border Collies today, but I decided to save them for their own day.  There are lots of pretty pictures and they will make a nice feature. Here's a spoiler though:

I am going to continue to share these Instagram pets as they are shared with the Rescue Dog Blog. We might not have their full story, but we have the joy of looking  at their happy faces and knowing that these are dogs who got a new lease on life.

Now, did you get a chance to check out our Spoiled Pets yesterday?  Make sure you read about and comply with my latest request. . . pictures of your sleeping pets. And please. . . keep your rescue stories coming!  We need them.

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