Monday, February 4, 2013

Puppy Bowl Hangover

Well, the Puppy Bowl is over for another year. Wiley thoroughly enjoyed it, except for the kitten halftime show.  He stole the remote and insisted on changing the channel.

While Wiley was playing it cool, Daisy could not hide her enthusiasm.  Her mom Janet shared this picture of her enjoying the competition.

 Anyway, I thought there were lots of gorgeous puppies; it was amazing how much personality they already had, and how it showed through during their 15 minutes of fame.  The MVP was Marta, and boy was she spirited. Click on her picture if you want to see some highlights.

Now, don't you fret that your dopamine dose of puppies is over, because I have very good news. There are a number of live puppy cams that you can enjoy all the time. If you start at, you'll find links to not only puppies, but pandas and polar bears!!!  However, I'm putting some direct links to my favorite cameras below. Just click on the picture to get to the feed.

 There are three cameras for the Service Dog Project in Ipswich, Massachusetts.  Two are cameras in puppy rooms. One set of puppies is quite young, as you can see below.  These dogs are all in training to become service dogs to people with diverse needs, such as veterans or people with MS.  Once the dogs can no longer serve they can retire to this location as well.

Great Dane Service Dog Project-Indoor Puppy Room 1

Great Dane Service Dog Project-Indoor Puppy Room 2

This organization, the Warrior Canine Connection, works through Dog Bless You to donate service dogs to veterans in need both physically and mentally.  You can follow their puppy litters all the way through to adulthood. I checked in on "Holly's Half-Dozen" daily in the summer of 2012. If you like their facebook page they will keep you up to date on the puppies and their placement. Here is one of Holly's puppies, who has gotten so big!

The new litter belongs to Misty, and they have a brand new nursery and a 24 hour camera.

Dog Bless You: Misty's Pups-Nursery Cam

These cameras should do a lot to enhance your Monday, your week, and if applicable, your winter.   In the meantime, we are looking for pictures of Spoiled Pets! Do you pamper and indulge?  Share your pictures with me and I will share them on the blog.  We are always looking for rescue stories too so click on the tab above to find out how to share. Don't forget to like us on facebook and follow us on instagram too @rescuedogblog.

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