Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why Instagram?

  Despite the funny or inspiring stories we have here, the real reason most people enjoy the blog is because of the pictures.  If you're not familiar with Instagram, it is a social media site that revolves around pictures and images. It's like Twitter but with pictures. If you're not familiar with Twitter, then you better do some research, because we are going to start a Twitter account soon too.

The dog in the picture above is named Indiana Johns!  Do you love it?  I love it!  Once a user uploads a photo, he or she can "hashtag" it with topics.  This will allow anyone else to search for that topic tag and see all the pictures that are tagged the same way.  So Indiana is tagged right under the picture, including the tag #thisisarescuedog.  That's why it got shared with me.

People can also comment, and so here you can see that Indiana's mom says he is the "sweetest boy ever."  I have replied, as "rescuedogblog," that he is beautiful. 

Instagram is currently just an app for phones. Once it's installed it allows users to apply different filters on their pictures, like the black and white one seen here with Indy, or the one seen below on the picture of Wiley.

 Instagram does what other social media sites do. It makes the world a little smaller. I can follow all kinds of rescue sites and organizations, and look at gorgeous pictures of Australian Shepherds all over the world. There's this guy:

His name is Jeep and he lives in Japan.

Then there's the gorgeous Roxy. She lives somewhere in the mountains where there's lots of snow!


And Java, the red-tri Aussie who lives in Sweden.

These are just a small sample of the number of dogs I see, and I am loving it. My husband has been laughing at me for the past week because every night I sit on the couch and say "awwwww,"  or "wow" or I sigh and squee. 

His simple response: "More dogs?"  
YES! MORE DOGS! I will be sharing the dogs people share with me on Instagram here on the blog. I have gotten a few already, and I hope the trend will continue. It's just one more way to support each other and reinforce the joy these animals bring into our lives.  And you are a part of it, just by joining us here. Have I said thank you?  If not, thank you, share your rescue story, and send me pictures of your spoiled pets!

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