Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Let's step up the cultural significance of the Rescue Dog Blog by beginning today's post with a quote from Ghandi:  “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” 

A few weeks ago I told you about how spoiled Wiley is.  Many people spoil their pets to some degree, and I asked for some examples from our readers. 

First we have Rowdy.
 I love the name Rowdy!  I have wanted a dog named Rowdy ever since Season One of Scrubs, but that's neither here nor there.  I did not realize that Basset Hounds can't swim due to their unusually huge ears.  When Rowdy's dad Tom takes him swimming, he makes sure to include him any way he can.

Here's Baxter.

Baxter is pampered by Raelinn. He likes to get dressed up and has his own costume closet. Here he is in his most recent outfit.


In addition to dressing up, Baxter enjoys special treatment, such as getting his nails done.

Baxter seems pretty high-maintenance! 

Brace yourselves, because Stella and Newbie (another Scrubs name!) are up for adoption at the Hillside SPCA. 
What special treatment do they get?  Well they hog all the blankets, and Sarah, a volunteer there, lets them. Here they are on blanket mountain. Awww, they are so cute!

Suzy shared this picture of Isis and some of her other pets (believe it or not this is not all of them) keeping her company in bed when she had the flu.

Speaking of beds, here is Amelia, hogging Stacy's king-sized bed like it's all her own.  She looks like a decoration!

The most spoiled pet, however, is Oreo. 

 It seems impossible to top just how good this cat has it. You see, Oreo comes from what you would call a "handy" family. Her dad Mike and her brother Brandon are good at a lot of things around the house. Her sister Meghan thought she should be shared with us due to this perch, specifically built for her.

Can you see how epic this thing is?  In this picture you can see her sitting in the bottom on the arm of the couch, surveying her new territory. Believe it or not it took her awhile to work up the nerve to try it. Meghan shares that it took a laser pointer and some coaxing, but here she is.

I laugh every time I look at this picture. Most cats would give up at least one of their nine lives to have something like this. I'm sure Oreo appreciates it, but I hope it doesn't give Wiley any ideas. I'm always impressed with myself when I manage to hang a picture on the wall; I can't imagine building a playground for a dog, no matter how much he would love it (and he would really love it). Speaking of Wiley and my desire to spoil him:

Does that cartoon seem all too familiar to anyone?  Here is just one of many pictures of a very spoiled Wiley hogging the bed. He looks tiny here compared to my giant head and the perspective from which I was snapping the picture, but you can certainly get the gist!

That brings me to a perfect segue from this photo share to the next one. We are going from spoiled to sleeping. What is your favorite picture of your pet sleeping?  I have so many I'm not sure how I'll decide.  Take some time to look them over and then. . . send them to me! I'll share any pet you submit, even if it's not a dog, even if it's not a rescue! Get going!

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