Sunday, April 26, 2015

Prom Night

How many proms do you think I've attended? Two? Five?  How about over 20!?!  One of my favorite extra-curricular responsibilities as a teacher is chaperoning the prom. I'm not going to lie, the music is AWFUL. But it's not my prom, it's the students', and they seem to have more fun with every passing year. Nearly all of them danced the whole time, and the chocolate fountain was a big hit too. 

Anyway. . . in honor of this year's prom season I've decided to devote a post to Wiley and Jenny in their spring finest. Our good friend Jenn, who has been making them a steady supply of "pretties" since the school year began, took some baseball fabric I found and really went to town with it. She made Wiley a bow-tie:

And a regular tie.

She made each of them a scarf. Wiley is wearing his with his tie, which I told him I thought was a bit excessive but he does what he wants. 

And she made Jenny a skirt!!!

I wasn't sure how shredded my hands would get trying to put the skirt on Jenny, but she cooperated since food was involved. 

However, she definitely was not digging it.

She did a lot of rolling around despondently.  She also needs to work on proper decorum for a lady. 

You can see what Wiley thought of the whole situation.  

Wiley was putting on quite a performance to show me how he would behave if I took him with me to the prom. This was one of his dance moves.

Jenny abandoned the scarf but went and put on her finest jewelry. 

They even showed me how they'd dance together. 

Not much longer after that, Jenny walked right in front of Wiley while they were posing. Is it a coincidence that he's licking his lips? Hmmmmm. Not sure. 

I did at least get one pose of them actually behaving.

Now, I haven't been updating the blog like I should, but I did want to share that Wiley had a benign lump removed from his back a few weeks ago. He's rocking his scar, as you can see below.  His hair looks like a reverse mohawk.

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