Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Goose and Eddie: Part Two

In the interest of being an equal opportunity rescue blog today we are featuring a cat-Eddie!  Eddie is the second cat from our Goose and Eddie spot we did last week.  

Double Vision

Francine first saw Eddie when he was featured as the Pet of the Week at the Hillside SPCA in 2006. He caught her eye because he was a buff tabby, like her Goose.  

He had been seized during a neglect case with many other cats, and he was terribly shy and scared when she first visited the shelter.  

She didn't get Eddie at that point because she was in the process of closing on a home and moving, and didn't think that would be a good situation to put Eddie through. However, Eddie was part of Francine's destiny, as we have seen time after time in our lives, and when she returned to the shelter a few months later Eddie was still there, perched on a counter as far away from the other cats as he could manage.

Francine asked about him, and the shelter workers said he wasn't very social.  However when Francine bent down to pet some other cats, she said, "Eddie marched himself right over and very vocally demanded my attention. That was the moment when he adopted me."

 Eddie doesn't like to be held but he does like to snuggle and purr. He grooms the other cats and watches over them, finding an important place for himself within Francine's feline family.

Eddie is now about 14 years old, and has recently been diagnosed with kidney disease. Please keep Eddie, Francine, and all of her furever kids in your thoughts and prayers. Eddie is getting the best possible care and attention through his mama Francine, and we thank her for sharing his story.

And speaking of stories. . . are you ready to share yours?  Let's hear it. Tomorrow we will have our Animals Behaving Badly post, and it's not too late to share your pictures for that too!

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