Thursday, January 31, 2013

Animals Behaving Badly: Part Two

We're back with more rule breakers, inspired by Wiley's reckless lifestyle.  First we have Lizzie, enjoying the cutting board post-steak-prep. She's just the right height too.

Next up is Rosco again. Oh Rosco, what did these toys ever do to you?

He just can't help himself.

Sandy finds her share of trouble too. Here she is ripping up all the wrapping paper on Christmas morning.  .  .

Frank and Mindy said she has to remove the squeaker from every toy too.  This was a brand new John Deere tractor her grandfather had gotten her.

Petey is trying to pretend he has no idea how the flower got there.

And Leroy is coping with his separation anxiety by self-medicating.*

*no one panic: he was just posing for a picture-not actually drinking beer

Lastly we have this bed vandalism, with the pillows of the guest room being pushed onto the floor.

Who is responsible for rudeness?  A tiny little force to be reckoned with. . .Utley.  Look at his defiant chin lift!  His mom, Amy, said he still wanted to play despite his scolding.

Ok readers-here is your homework! Our next photo promotion is going to be SPOILED PETS!  Don't you dare act like you don't spoil them. So start looking for some pictures, and share them whenever you are ready. Any kind of pet being pampered is eligible.  As always, we welcome your rescue stories too!   


Now I will leave you with a funny cartoon about when our pets try to pretend they haven't been up to no good:


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