Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Great Outdoors Photo Share: Day Five

More Waldo. You readers know I have a thing for Waldo.
It's the Great Outdoors, once again!  Usually I do the Photo Shares on Wednesday, but tomorrow's blog is already committed to Katie's pets, so I'm sharing some more Great Outdoors pictures today. 

This is Nala and her frisbee. We want to see some action shots of her catching it!

Remember Dio?  Here he is surveying his territory

Wiley and Olivia play in a very muddy pool.

Lizzie and a friend are hiking.

Silly Rosco must be scratching an itch.

And finally, here's Abby, the pretty mix we shared a few weeks ago.

 Have I ever mentioned how much I love Photo Shares?  I feel like I get to know more about my readers this way. I also am starting to feel like I know some of these dogs personally. haha.  If you have any pictures of your pets outside and you'd like to share them it's not too late. Email them to me at pabibliophile@gmail.com

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Monday, April 29, 2013


I love mutts. LOVE THEM. Only God knows what Wiley's actual bloodline is, and as tempted as I am to get it checked, it won't make any difference in the long run. He's a mutt, a mixed breed, a hybrid. And so is today's dog, Ruby. 

She is beautiful and loving, and Kristine and her husband Aaron can't remember what their life was like before Ruby came along.

They went looking for a dog in February, and I'll bet the picture above gives you a hint about how quickly they found the one they wanted.

They started online, but then Kristine's parents suggested they try Natalie's Second Chance.  While they were there a woman dropped off "Precious,"  who was only about one month old.

 Precious was confused and scared and Kristine and Aaron wanted to take her home right away, but the shelter said they had to keep her for a week to check her health and give her shots. 

Kristine was more than ready for her when the week was up, and still the shelter said perhaps she and Aaron should consider it a fostering process, in case they changed their minds.

HA! No chance of that. They named her Ruby, and she hugged Kristine all the way home. She is now her shadow, and Kristine wouldn't have it any other way, even if she is a sock-stealer.

Thanks to Kristine and Aaron for sharing their home with a Precious gem like Ruby, and thanks to Kristine for taking the time to put the story together to share. I hope we can continue to keep tabs on Ruby as she grows! 

If you have a rescue please put some pictures together and send them my way. I just need a few details. I'll do all the writing so you don't have to worry about that. Email me at pabibliophile@gmail.com


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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday's Grab-bag

It's a beautiful day and I have yard work to do. Plus I chaperoned the prom last night and I'm not as young as I used to be, so I'll need a few naps today.  Furthermore, my hubbie is talking my face off about the Kutztown baseball team clinching the PSAC playoffs yesterday. I am 
scrambling to put this post together! Geez,          
you'd almost think this blog is just a hobby 
in my life or something. . .

So, I'd better stop rambling and get to the good stuff. Today's good stuff starts with this red panda showing off on the rings. It is soooo cute. Click on the picture to watch the video. It's only 30 seconds but it will make you smile.

And speaking of pandas and dogs (we're always speaking of dogs), feast your eyes on 40 seconds of ridiculous, squee-inducing, absolute adorableness. Click on the picture.

Put your rescue stories together and share them with us soon! Also, it's not too late to share your Great Outdoors pictures of your pets!  Email me at pabibliophile@gmail.com

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

What did you miss? 4/22/13-4/26/13

^^^^Look at that group of dogs. Where else can you see such a precious collection of faces?  All of these dogs were surrendered, lost, abused, abandoned. They are all rescues. This is what you can find in a shelter.  They've brought their furever families so much joy and love.  If you haven't read about them yet, you can start with Candy's story.  We shared Charlie the next day, and both of them are siblings of dogs we featured earlier on the blog.  On Wednesday we continued with our photo share on The Great Outdoors, which you too can be a part of!  Thursday was devoted to an Instagram find, Jackson.  Finally, I was able to share my favorite Philadelphia Phillie with you, Chase Utley. He and his wife Jen do so much to promote animal rescue and prevent animal abuse.

As always, we need your rescue stories. All it takes is a few photos and whatever details you want me to include. I'll write everything up and the next thing you know. . . your dog will be a star!  Email me at pabibliophile@gmail.com or check out these other ways to share: SHARE YOUR STORY.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Pheel-Good Phriday: CHASE UTLEY

So, it's Feel-Good Friday, and Wiley, my hubs, and I are Philadelphia Phillies Phans. I've been waiting to share this since I started the blog.  My favorite player, Chase Utley, is a strong presence in the animal rescue world.

I'm not a PETA fan but the message in this image is one we can agree on.

 He and his wife Jen started The Utley Foundation in 2011, but they started raising money all the way back in 2008 through Utley All-Star Animals events, after Jen began volunteering at the Pennsylvania SPCA.

 At first she just wanted something to do, but as she saw the increasing numbers of victims of animal cruelty, she realized there was something to do. 

Not only have the Utleys raised millions for education about prevention, but they also are deeply and personally involved.

 Jen and Chase sponsored and personally attended an assembly at Anna B. Pratt Elementary School in West Philadelphia. 

 This school has a history of its own schoolyard turning into a place for late night dog fights. In fact, Philadelphia has some of the highest rates of dog-fighting in the country, and the number of reported cases of animal cruelty in Philadelphia has tripled over the past few years.  The Utleys worked with these young elementary school students to develop a mural that focuses on the positive ways to interact with animals.

 Jen Utley says, “We are reaching kids at the age when they still love animals.  They see that their best friends show nothing but love and loyalty and turn to them for protection.” 
Source: http://ejcamp.com/category/sports/
How inspiring to find people using their celebrity for something positive, but also getting personally involved. The school assembly is just one example of many events they host and attend throughout the year.  It's easy to write a check as a millionaire. The Utleys put themselves out there for those who are deeply in need of persuasive and powerful advocates. 

Now you can see why Wiley and I are such big fans!

Please get your rescue stories in to the blog! We need them; we are running low. I have enough for next week and that is it! If you like the content help me keep it going.  Email me at pabibliophile@gmail.com

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You can read more about the Ulteys and their charity work through these articles or by clicking the link to their foundation in the blog post.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Action Jackson

I am an Aussie Addict. I love Australian Shepherds. They are brilliant, hyper, stubborn, clever, and like many breeds, each has his own personality. Aussies come in multiple sizes and colors, but they have one driving need: to work. 

The breed name is something of a misnomer; they are not from Australia but rather were used to herd sheep that were loosely associated with Australia. Their build and coat was designed to help them weather cold western winters, like those found in Colorado.

  Jackson, the Aussie I'm sharing today, makes the most of his environment. In fact he's probably in heaven with the climate out there. 

I met Jackson through Instagram, so you can follow him there if you'd like.

He's not a rescue, but I wanted to share these amazing pictures anyway as part of the Great Outdoors Photo Share. Besides, Aussies frequently wind up in shelters because of their super high energy. 

People buy them because they're cute and smart, and then find out if Aussies don't have a job to do, they'll make one up. It might be chewing the couch cushions or digging holes in the yard. So I'm trying to emphasize to people to know their breed well, and pick based on behavioral traits and personality. Not looks.  Huh.   Just like we should go about picking our human companions!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of Jackson in Action (<--see what I did there?) I saved my favorite for last.

He's smiling! Jackson is so gorgeous, and his mom and dad take amazing pictures. I highly recommend following him on Instagram because the hits just keep on coming.

So, where are your outdoor pics?  Don't feel like you have to live up to the standard set here!  No one can. lol. We still want to share your pet and hear your rescue stories too. Email me at pabibliophile@gmail.com

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Great Outdoors Photo Share: Day Four

Ok folks- we are back to sharing reader-submitted photos of their pets having fun outside. As always, I urge you to share your pets' pictures. For the Photo Share features they don't have to be rescued animals. We like giving all of our readers a chance to contribute. Email your pictures to me at pabibliophile@gmail.com

Now, since it is Wiley's and my blog, I'm starting us off today with Wiley's big Aussie smile:

Marzi enjoys the snow and the wide open spaces.

Look how pretty Stella looks! Stella is a blog alumnus.

Haha look at Mini's face!  Davey looks pretty cocky too! lol

Lizzie is a natural in water. Her mom Amy takes her to swim in the pool too!

Rosco says, "Mommy-I don't want to fetch. I don't know what you expect me to do with all these."

These pictures are so great aren't they? Keep them coming. We'll do another round next Wednesday and your submissions are welcomed.  We need your rescue stories too, please! Pass the word to your friends.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


For the second day in a row our rescue dog is pure-bred. Today's Charlie is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.

Charlie lives with Abby, who we featured a few weeks ago. When Tracy found Abby, she was in the Gloucester County Animal Shelter.  Tracy wanted just the right dog to keep up with her son. Charlie, on the other hand, was for Tracy's daughter, who had her heart set on a King Charles Cavalier.

Tracy, yet again demonstrating the best way to go about being a pet owner, had her daughter sign in the GCAS wish list book.  Brava to Tracy and especially her daughter for being patient and waiting for the breed they wanted to become available via rescue.

About a year after they signed the book, an owner surrendered Charlie, who was two years old at the time. Tracy, her daughter, and Abby headed to the Gloucester County Animal Shelter, crossing their fingers that Charlie and Abby would hit it off.

Well obviously they did, and now they both live happily with Tracy's family. Abby loves people she knows and trusts, and Charlie, well, he just loves everybody!

Tracy, thank you so much for sharing your rescue pets. Readers, please remember (and tell your friends) there are many full-bred dogs waiting to be rescued, so if someone has their heart set on a specific breed, that's no excuse to run to a breeder. Sorry, I try not to get too preachy on here but I don't think people always realize all their rescue options!

Anyway, what about your story? Have you shared it yet?  If not, please contact me at pabibliophile@gmail.com

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Monday, April 22, 2013


Happy Monday! Today's rescue is a black lab. There's a reason why labs are so popular: they. are. sweethearts.  

I dare you to not smile when a lab is licking your face. 

 Candy is Coco's sister, and part of Sylvia's fur pack. She came to their house when she was just a puppy, as soon as Coco was healthy and adjusted enough to get a friend. 


Candy was the runt of the litter at the Upland California Animal Shelter, and Sylvia's husband took a liking to her.

 As soon as she came home Coco showed her the ropes,"bullying" her affectionately and doing other things big sisters do. Although, technically, it was eventually Candy who became the big sister, much to Coco's chagrin.

Candy's life hasn't been easy, despite Sylvia and her husband's best attempts to provide the perfect life for her. Luckily she has had a habit of coming through her trials due to Sylvia's nursing, so although these stories are tough, rest assured Candy is okay right now.

During her life with Sylvia's family, she was bitten by a scorpion and almost died, jumped a fence and cut her throat, resulting in multiple infections, and cut her leg on a metal stake. Worst of all, and every pet owner's worst nightmare, was when Candy accidentally killed Sylvia's brother's Toy Pomeranian when she escaped her crate. Candy didn't know her own size and . . . well. I don't have to explain it. This was devastating to Syl and her husband. Praise God her brother saw how crushed they were and showed mercy and empathy when he didn't insist on euthanizing Candy. As a thank you Sylvia rescued a full-bred Pomeranian for her family. 

Last year, Candy began having a tough time getting around. In fact walking became nearly impossible. Sylvia did lots of research online and changed a number of things for Candy to help her improve. She gives her hip and back massages, stretches her legs, and takes her to the beach to swim. The dog takes glucosamine and fish oil, while snacking on healthy things like strawberries and apples. Candy went from being immobile to running around chasing squirrels and scrub jays!!

Candy has won the rescue dog lottery, but I bet if you asked Sylvia and her husband they would say it is the other way around. When Candy is lying by her dad's bedside protecting him, or helping him if he falls or stumbles, it's a constant reminder of the symbiotic relationship between dogs and their humans. 

Thanks so much to Sylvia for sharing Candy's story! I look forward to telling you about the final member of Syl's trio sometime soon.  Please, if you haven't shared your story, or you know someone else who could contribute, get in touch with me at pabibliophile@gmail.com

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