Friday, April 5, 2013

Feel-Good Friday: Life-Saver

Fostering animals is a special job. It takes the kind of person who loves animals so much they are willing to keep them just long enough to get them ready to give to someone else. Foster parents can be vital in the socialization, recuperation, and/or training of the pets. Holly and Rachel both foster animals, some of whom have become part of their forever family and many of whom have found loving homes with other suitable people. Today's story is about a foster dog in Michigan who really earned her keep!

photo credit: Karen Czedik

Joleen is a 2 year old pug/beagle mix who came to stay with Mary-Louise Klatt back in November. She gave birth to three puppies, who were adopted once they were ready. Joleen needed a bit more time to get healthy enough to be spayed and then adopted, so she stayed with Mary-Louise a while longer. That's how it came to be that she wound up rescuing Mary-Louise instead of the other way around.

Early in March, Klatt suffered a heart attack. Joleen reacted intensely, running through the house barking and then licking Mary-Louise's face.  Joleen's barking and carrying on alerted Mary-Louise's step-son, who was then able to call for help.

Mary-Louise refers to Joleen as her "angel," literally crediting her for saving her life.  It should come as no surprise then that Joleen never did get adopted out from her foster family. When Mary-Louise returned home from the hospital she officially adopted Joleen.                 

Click on this picture for a short video from the Michigan Humane Society about Joleen and Mary- Louise.

photo credit: Karen Czedik

The Michigan Humane Society calls their foster program "In-Home Heroes."  In this case there is not one hero but two! And that, readers, is your Feel-Good Friday story!


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