Friday, April 26, 2013

Pheel-Good Phriday: CHASE UTLEY

So, it's Feel-Good Friday, and Wiley, my hubs, and I are Philadelphia Phillies Phans. I've been waiting to share this since I started the blog.  My favorite player, Chase Utley, is a strong presence in the animal rescue world.

I'm not a PETA fan but the message in this image is one we can agree on.

 He and his wife Jen started The Utley Foundation in 2011, but they started raising money all the way back in 2008 through Utley All-Star Animals events, after Jen began volunteering at the Pennsylvania SPCA.

 At first she just wanted something to do, but as she saw the increasing numbers of victims of animal cruelty, she realized there was something to do. 

Not only have the Utleys raised millions for education about prevention, but they also are deeply and personally involved.

 Jen and Chase sponsored and personally attended an assembly at Anna B. Pratt Elementary School in West Philadelphia. 

 This school has a history of its own schoolyard turning into a place for late night dog fights. In fact, Philadelphia has some of the highest rates of dog-fighting in the country, and the number of reported cases of animal cruelty in Philadelphia has tripled over the past few years.  The Utleys worked with these young elementary school students to develop a mural that focuses on the positive ways to interact with animals.

 Jen Utley says, “We are reaching kids at the age when they still love animals.  They see that their best friends show nothing but love and loyalty and turn to them for protection.” 
How inspiring to find people using their celebrity for something positive, but also getting personally involved. The school assembly is just one example of many events they host and attend throughout the year.  It's easy to write a check as a millionaire. The Utleys put themselves out there for those who are deeply in need of persuasive and powerful advocates. 

Now you can see why Wiley and I are such big fans!

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You can read more about the Ulteys and their charity work through these articles or by clicking the link to their foundation in the blog post.

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