Saturday, April 27, 2013

What did you miss? 4/22/13-4/26/13

^^^^Look at that group of dogs. Where else can you see such a precious collection of faces?  All of these dogs were surrendered, lost, abused, abandoned. They are all rescues. This is what you can find in a shelter.  They've brought their furever families so much joy and love.  If you haven't read about them yet, you can start with Candy's story.  We shared Charlie the next day, and both of them are siblings of dogs we featured earlier on the blog.  On Wednesday we continued with our photo share on The Great Outdoors, which you too can be a part of!  Thursday was devoted to an Instagram find, Jackson.  Finally, I was able to share my favorite Philadelphia Phillie with you, Chase Utley. He and his wife Jen do so much to promote animal rescue and prevent animal abuse.

As always, we need your rescue stories. All it takes is a few photos and whatever details you want me to include. I'll write everything up and the next thing you know. . . your dog will be a star!  Email me at or check out these other ways to share: SHARE YOUR STORY.

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