Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday's Grab-bag

Look at my silly smiley guy!  

Sunday's post is usually called "Sunday's Gratitude," because though I often complain, I have much to be grateful for. However, I am going to be changing the theme starting today.  This is "Sunday's Grab-bag." 

 See, I'll let you in on a little secret, those of you who aren't bloggers. Blogger lets us see how many people view our posts each day.  The Rescue Dog Blog has been doing great and I am so grateful and proud.  We are at 13000 views since December, which is more than I had ever anticipated.  However, here is a graph of views over the past month:


See those low points?  They are Sundays. Sundays we get under 100 views.  Each blog entry I write takes between 1-2 hours. I've decided instead of creating original content on Sundays, it would be a great day to share some of my favorite finds from the week. I have shared them here from time to time, be it funny videos, cute memes, or some of my favorite Buzzfeed features. Now I can have a consistent way of passing these things along to other animal lovers.

I also tend to have a variety of Wiley shots that don't really fit with any of the posts I do about him. This is a great place to share those too, such as the one above. I hope you enjoy these fun ways to pass a few minutes as much as I do, and if you find something you think would be fun to share please drop me a note at   I will definitely give you all the credit. haha.  Here's your laugh for today, a Sunday comic in every sense of the title.

Source: *click on the cartoon to get to the original 

Now, we need your rescue stories! We are running short. We are also accepting pics of your pets in the Great Outdoors. We have gotten some very cute submissions I look forward to sharing, and we will share as many days as needed to include everyone's pictures.

I leave you with this image.  He stole paper towels off the countertop that I had used to clean up some vinegar I spilled. I was in a hurry and left them there as I rushed out the door, assuming he wouldn't steal them because they were full of vinegar. haha. Yeah, right. When I walked in later that day  they were all over the kitchen floor ripped to shreds.  I said "Who made this mess?"  He promptly scooped up his tennis ball. I might be giving him too much credit, but I think he was trying to hide the paper towels with it.


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