Monday, April 22, 2013


Happy Monday! Today's rescue is a black lab. There's a reason why labs are so popular: they. are. sweethearts.  

I dare you to not smile when a lab is licking your face. 

 Candy is Coco's sister, and part of Sylvia's fur pack. She came to their house when she was just a puppy, as soon as Coco was healthy and adjusted enough to get a friend. 


Candy was the runt of the litter at the Upland California Animal Shelter, and Sylvia's husband took a liking to her.

 As soon as she came home Coco showed her the ropes,"bullying" her affectionately and doing other things big sisters do. Although, technically, it was eventually Candy who became the big sister, much to Coco's chagrin.

Candy's life hasn't been easy, despite Sylvia and her husband's best attempts to provide the perfect life for her. Luckily she has had a habit of coming through her trials due to Sylvia's nursing, so although these stories are tough, rest assured Candy is okay right now.

During her life with Sylvia's family, she was bitten by a scorpion and almost died, jumped a fence and cut her throat, resulting in multiple infections, and cut her leg on a metal stake. Worst of all, and every pet owner's worst nightmare, was when Candy accidentally killed Sylvia's brother's Toy Pomeranian when she escaped her crate. Candy didn't know her own size and . . . well. I don't have to explain it. This was devastating to Syl and her husband. Praise God her brother saw how crushed they were and showed mercy and empathy when he didn't insist on euthanizing Candy. As a thank you Sylvia rescued a full-bred Pomeranian for her family. 

Last year, Candy began having a tough time getting around. In fact walking became nearly impossible. Sylvia did lots of research online and changed a number of things for Candy to help her improve. She gives her hip and back massages, stretches her legs, and takes her to the beach to swim. The dog takes glucosamine and fish oil, while snacking on healthy things like strawberries and apples. Candy went from being immobile to running around chasing squirrels and scrub jays!!

Candy has won the rescue dog lottery, but I bet if you asked Sylvia and her husband they would say it is the other way around. When Candy is lying by her dad's bedside protecting him, or helping him if he falls or stumbles, it's a constant reminder of the symbiotic relationship between dogs and their humans. 

Thanks so much to Sylvia for sharing Candy's story! I look forward to telling you about the final member of Syl's trio sometime soon.  Please, if you haven't shared your story, or you know someone else who could contribute, get in touch with me at

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