Saturday, April 20, 2013

What did you miss? 4/15-4/19

So. . . what a week. So many events tugged on our heartstrings.  Times like these often cause us to seek solace more than ever in our fur friends. When humans (not humanity) disappoint us, dogs reassure us.  Coco, the dog featured on Monday, was an essential step in the healing process of Sylvia and her husband.  Tuesday I was too upset to even write a blog post, but on Wednesday I continued our Great Outdoors Photo Share, for which I am still taking submissions.  Thursday we shared Dio's story. It was one full of lots of laughs and affection, and since Dio is so photogenic there were lots of good pictures too. On Friday, I shared, once again, the story of the Lutheran Church Charities' Comfort Dogs. This idea appeals to me like no other source of consolation. It's a beautiful and effective idea, and I am moved to tears when I think about what burdens those dogs and their handlers have assumed while bringing solace to those who need it.

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