Friday, December 28, 2012

Family tree

I'm about 7 here, holding my Gramam's puppy, Maxie.

 My love of animals was ingrained in me from the very beginning. Heidi was my childhood dog, and what a sweetheart she was.  She was the epitome of a mutt, with poodle in there somewhere but who knows what else?  She was smart though, and very well-behaved.

Snuggling with Heidi in my footie pajamas.  My brother is reading something very ambitious!

     When Heidi went to the Rainbow Bridge, my parents took me to the SPCA and let me pick out a puppy.  What a great moment for a 10 year old girl, except for the fact that I wanted to take them all. That's where I met my Snickelfritz. Over the years she shared her house with many other rescued animals too.

  Below is Fritz with Echo, whom my brother found on the mountain-side

Fritz with Maggie, an SPCA mixed breed

   When my grandmother could no longer take care of her two SPCA rescues, they joined our family too.  Maxie was the dog's name and Tommy was the cat's name.

     There were always other assorted pets in our not-too-big house, like hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, and other dogs. I'm so grateful I was raised in a family that valued all of God's creations. Through my family's pets I learned about responsibility, compassion, patience, discipline, and fun. A great deal of fun.  In return I received so much unconditional love.         
     When we went to get our family portrait taken, in 1986, we took our Snickelfritz along.  At the time not too many people were dragging their dogs along for family portraits, and I was so thrilled we did. See?  Look at my smile. Doesn't it just say "THRILLED"? haha   And don't even think of making fun of my poofy mullet!  It was the mid-80s!  Mullets were required by law.

How did you become an animal lover?  Please share your story with us! And if you have any pictures of your childhood pets, make sure you share them!

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