Saturday, December 22, 2012

'Tis the Season

Today we will begin sharing photos of Holiday animals. As people submitted their pets, sometimes they included names and denoted if they were rescues but other times all we got was the images. I will share as much information as was provided.  And please. . . it's not to late to share your Christmas pictures!

 Below is a rottie/catahoula mix and a Boston terrier all decked in Christmas spirit.

This is Leroy. He is a Shar pei who's very secure in his masculinity.

 This is Little Cat, camouflaging herself among the decorations.

And finally, friends, this is Charlotte Dressler, born on December 20 to my dear friends Carrie and Scot. No she is not a holiday animal per se, but it's my blog so I'll share whatever I want. lol 

Little Charlie will need surgery next week to repair an aortic arch. While the surgery was not unexpected, it is still nerve wracking to say the least. If you're the praying sort, will you send some prayers to Charlie and her family?

Keep the Christmas Cheer coming this weekend! Check back often for more Holiday pictures.

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