Monday, March 4, 2013


Over the past few weeks I have expanded the Rescue Dog Blog to a number of different social networking sites.  It's been working out better than I could have imagined, putting Wiley and I in touch with animal lovers all over the world. I met today's feature through Instagram. Davey is currently living in Canada after a recent relocation. His mom, Holly, has such a big heart that I won't be able to tell all of her story in one post!  So, we'll start with this adorable guy and spread the joy over a few posts.

When Holly started volunteering at Lifeline Animal Placement and Protection in Wichita, KS, in March of 2010 she was not looking to adopt another pet. She had a Cocker Spaniel, three cats, and a guinea pig at home. However,  as she fell in love with her work and started going more frequently, she told her husband she was looking to adopt an bigger, older dog who would otherwise be overlooked. Davey must have known he would do great in the Canadian winters Holly didn't even know were in her future, so he had other plans.

He was so hyper in his cage in the shelter that he would bump his head on the top of it when he jumped.  Yep, sounds like a terrier. He loved Holly because she would let him out to play fetch, and he had lots of energy to burn.

Holly tried to ignore her growing connection with Davey, especially because she was still looking for a bigger dog. Readers, you know my feelings on this. Our dog destinies find us even when we try to hide from them.  As Holly said ,"This little guy was relentless in his love for me and he was starting to grow on me."

Eventually Holly decided it was time to bring this one-year old terrier mix into her home. She said it went even worse than she could have predicted!  He appeared to be entirely unexposed to living in a house, and you can imagine the results, including the vigorous enthusiasm for fetch and the marking of a lot of territory.

 Luckily Davey had a patient mom and dad who understood that there would be chaos before Davey learned how to be civilized.  Now just look at him:

Davey is now a gentleman, and Holly's husband even said "I could have a houseful of Davey's."  Who can blame him when he's looking at this every day?

Holly and her husband certainly do have a houseful, but that story can't be told all in one day.  I will fill you in on Davey's siblings, canine and feline and human, next week, but here's an adorable sneak peak.

 In the meantime, Davey's mom Holly writes a blog about her relocation to Canada. She has shared this specific post with us about adopting instead of buying.  It's a great read. Check it out and pass it on.

Two more days to get your sleeping pets pictures in for the photo share! Don't forget to share your  rescue stories and follow us on Twitter (@RescueDogBlog) if applicable.



  1. Love it! Thank you for sharing my little boy! :)

  2. Great story! I've known Holly some we were kids and she has always had a wonderful big living heart! I have never met her puppies and kitties in person but I read about them in her blogs and see pictures of them on a daily basis, and they are wonderful little animals! Thank you Holly for all you do on rescuing and helping dogs and kitties!

  3. This was love at first site when I met Davey for the first time! Holly is my niece and I've never seen a person take to animals as she does. She kept telling me about this little dog named Davey and finally she took me to the shelter to see all her beloved animals. The minute I turned the corner, there was Davey! Jumping and Jumping and running and Jumping! This little guy adored his shelter helper!
    Holly's always had animals I have loved, like her Cocker Spaniel was my favorite. But, Davey.....he stole my heart as well.
    I'm not sure who's the most blessed, Davey, or Holly. It was a perfect match!

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  5. Love this! Davey is to-die-for. What a lucky pooch :) Love and training go such a long way ... he's a credit to your dedication.

  6. Thank you everyone for your posts and a big thanks to Holly and her generous heart!