Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wiley's Battle Tactics

All these posts about sleeping reminded me of a series of pictures I took this summer.  I hope you'll allow for the below average quality as I was trying to take a lot of pictures in a very short period of time.   

It all started when I told Wiley to get off the couch because I wanted to vacuum.  This was the initial response I got.

           So I had to gently scoot him off the couch, at which point he immediately jumped on the chair, as you can see.

When I said to him, "No-you can't be on the chair either,"  he responded by closing his eyes and pretending not to hear me, which is one of his go-to moves.

I said "Wiley, you have to get down," and I reached my hand out to slide him.  He gave me his paw before I could try.

I let go of his paw and told him again to get down, and he acted like a cool kid who meant to have his paw there all along.  It was impossible not to laugh at this ridiculous pose.

I repeated my command, "Wiley-get down!"  I got those puppy dog eyes.  I tried to explain to him that if it weren't for his hair I wouldn't need to vacuum the furniture but he didn't respond.

I said "Wiley- I know you understand me."  He sat up and looked casually off into the distance.

"Let's go! GET DOWN!"  He responded by sitting up.

Sitting up nearly always works on me, and sitting up on the chair was hilarious. It was hard to get the picture because not only did it happen fast, but it is also a rocking chair so it was moving.  I was laughing out loud but I still said "Wiley, no. You must get down."  He sulked.

Then he tried to go for nonchalant.  Just tuned me out completely and assumed a nice casual stance.

I got closer to actually remove him, which is always awful because he is 60 pounds of dead weight. I don't like grabbing his collar and dragging so I always put my hand behind his butt and slide him off.  He went for the last ditch effort and clung to the sides when he saw me coming.

In the end, Mom won, and he conceded with a full surrender. 

I'd like to say he napped there quietly the rest of the afternoon but once the vacuum came out he had no choice but to defend and protect us all by biting it and barking at it, as per usual.  Once he had saved us and the vacuum was safely locked in the closet, we started the whole hairy process over again when he jumped back on the couch.  Good thing Hubs and I agreed on that whole "no furniture" rule before we brought him home. hahahahahaha

Now you have an understanding of why Wiley is so spoiled!  He uses his number one defense mechanism, cuteness, to perfection. And you know what?  I don't care. If people don't want to sit on a couch with dog hair then they shouldn't visit this house!

We have one more week of the Sleeping Pet Photo Share. All pets are welcome. All I need is a picture and a name.

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  1. Hysterical! Sandy has many of the same poses.