Saturday, March 23, 2013

What did you miss? 3/18-3/22

It was very hard to pick the pictures I wanted to share in the collage above. This week we were blessed with an abundance of cuteness that I was proud to be able to share with you. It started with the story of Mini, a cute little chihuahua, and how she found her way to Macy, a cute little human. The next day we had Leroy and Lilly. I don't mean to toot my own horn but there are not many cuter things than a puppy and a Sharpei playing together.  The rest of the week was devoted to our Sleeping Pets Photo Share.

Doesn't Olive look comfy?  She was shared via Instagram.
 We had Part Three and Part Four, and then I shared really adorable pictures (yes, I'm jumping from cute to adorable)  of sleeping dogs in all kinds of crazy positions. 

This is Zeke. We met him through Instagram too. 

I am gathering some stories for the upcoming week but we could always use more. Wiley takes a real interest in hearing about other dogs (and cats and bunnies and turtles and guinea pigs) who have found their furever homes with readers like you. Don't forget to share!

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