Saturday, March 16, 2013

What did you miss? 3/10-3/15

What a busy week here on the Rescue Dog Blog. We are seeing more traffic than ever, and actually hit our 10,000th view early in the week! WOO-HOOO! Thanks to everyone who reads the blog and spreads the word, and a big thanks to those of you who have shared your stories and your pets' pictures.  Please keep spreading the word. We have about two weeks worth of rescue stories lined up and then. . . .we need more! So if you've been meaning to getting around to sharing, now's a good time.

On Sunday, I shared a very special post about the place in our lives for overlooked adoptables. Please check it out.  Monday's post was about fostering dogs who are looking for their furever homes, and Tuesday I told you about Masen, Wiley's twin!  Wednesday was a day for sleeping pet pictures, and Thursday was a silly story about Wiley and how goofy he can be. Finally, one of my favorite Feel-Good Friday posts was this week's post about Finley, a missing service dog who was reunited with his owner safe and sound.

We extended our sleeping pets photo share for another week, so let's get going on that! Get your pictures to me of any kind of pet, dog, cat, guinea pig, etc, whether rescue or otherwise, and I will share them with our readers!

Here's your fun video for today. Why don't you see if you can train your dog to do housework like Monkey does? I'll work on teaching Wiley too. Click on the picture.


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