Tuesday, March 26, 2013


 Puppies are a lot of work. Sometimes people see the cuteness factor and have no idea what they’re getting into. When Michelle saw Kami, however, she didn’t know how much work it would be just to bring her home!

Kami was in the Kent County SPCA in Camden, Delaware when Michelle saw her picture online.  She called right away but they were closed for adoptions. The next day she drove there, timing her arrival with the minute the doors opened so she could be the first one inside. 
Michelle says it was love at first sight as they played together in the meet and greet room. What really made Michelle sure that Kami was part of her destiny was the comical moment when Kami saw some people walk by the floor-to-ceiling window in the room and ran after them, only to be stopped quite short by running directly into the window. 

Unfortunately Michelle found out that someone else had placed a hold on this puppy, and she would have to wait until 6:30 that evening to see if  Kami could be hers. Obviously the people never claimed Kami, and Michelle was eager to go bring her girl home the next day.  

She drove the hour from her house to the shelter, again, only to find out Kami was out being spayed, and wouldn’t be available until the next day!  So far Michelle had invested four hours into adopting Kami and had nothing to show for it.

The next day she had company visiting for the weekend. They were not going to deter her from getting her precious pup though! Her friend Claraann went with her on the trip, and that day she was finally able to bring Kami home! Claraann held her all the way. 

At Michelle’s house, Kami (short for Kamiflauge) was a bit intimidated at first. It didn’t take long for her to make herself at home though! 

She makes the most out of her cushy life, enjoying swimming and lounging in the pool, trips to the beach, long walks, car rides, and everything else life offers! 

Kami was worth the work and the wait, and now she is part of a loving family and a great home. Much love to Kami and Michelle from Wiley and me and all of our readers too! And thanks for finally sharing your story! ;-)  Readers-don't forget you can share yours too!

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